Should you visit Lido Island, Venice, Italy?

by - 9/21/2018

As much as I wanted to spend my entire life in Venice, I wanted to explore it further too. Too sad that it was our last day there and that too only a few hours were left. We had two options. Either laze around through the endless number of alleys in the island of Venice or venture into other islands. When you spend quite an amount to buy the 48 hour transport pass, you are always tempted to use it to the fullest! There were so many places to explore and we had been to just Murano and Burano island. We had plans of exploring Torcello, Mazzorba and Lido too but traversing through water took too much time. So I wanted to just soak in the Venetian ambiance.
 However I had to take a tough decision owing to my partner's desire to burrow further. Instead for an impossible itinerary of 3 islands, we zeroed on to just Lido island. We boarded the vaporetto from St Mark's Square and voila! We were there in an hour.

Lido was unlike the other islands of Burano, Murano, Torcello, etc etc. Those were non motorable islands while Lido had buses and cars running all over. Even the main island of Venice did not have any surface transport system. Lido reminded me of Marghera, the place where we were staying, a modern and industrialised island. It did not look and feel like Venice at all!

Lido is a long island. The port was at one end and its beach was at the opposite end. As soon as we landed, we asked for directions and started running, The second next vaporetto was after one and half hours and we did not want to miss it. We crossed the entire breadth of the island to reach the beach.
Lido is the sea side town for Venetians. The Adriatic Sea looked vast. I really loved the warmth of the evening sun. I could not wait to jump into it! The water was really warm and lovely. We had been shivering in cold right from the morning and a swim in the warm sea was what I needed to wind off the exhaustion. It was August that's why. Otherwise the temperature of the Adriatic Sea reaches below 0 degree Celcius in winters.

As much as I wanted to stay there, we had time constraints. It was a party environment at the beach. Beer, music and water sports. But we quickly wrapped up our wet clothes and again ran till we reached the port. Thankfully we could catch the water taxi that we had aimed for.

Things to do:
Unless you are a true explorer, one does not need more than 2 to 3 hours in Lido. You can take a swim in the Adriatic Sea, devour a plate of sumptious pasta and explore the streets of Lido on the way back to the port while licking a gelato. This should be enough for ticking this cute island off the list.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I love Venice


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  6. wow, seeing all the fun that you have, I wished I can also go there.. bookmarked it for my bucket list.

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  8. I have read quite a lot about Lido Island....and it is in my list from a long time..Your article is going to be very helpful for sure ...Thanks for the blog!

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