Korean Festival 2017

by - 11/25/2017

With international borders becoming nearer (metaphorically) tourism has reached a whole new level altogether. We are no more fascinated just by Switzerland or Paris and are ready to explore new horizons as well. Face it, every nation has something unique to offer. Its just that we need to have the courage to go explore something out of the unusual.
The far Eastern nations like Korea, Japan and China are a world of their own. I am so much fascinated with their culture. China is of course on my list (The great Wall duh!) and so is Japan. Although Korea has always fascinated me, I had never plans of visiting this country until last weekend! Yes, it was the Korean Festival 2017 at Ambience mall Gurugram and it opened up a  new face of Korea for me!
See there is the importance of such culture festivals. People come to know numerous things about that particular place. The festival saw Korean dance performances, culinary delights and cute knick knacks from the country. I had a great time savouring the sushi and ramen and of course getting my photoshopped picture clicked in front of a Korean countryside.
Coming to the outfit, the tribal top and shorts are from Dress Lily I really love the print of the top and are not those pom poms very cute? Perfect for my next beach vacation!
So how was your weekend?

Shorts: Dresslily.com
Blazer: Forever 21
Purse: Furla Candy

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