Watching Tamil Content Online At Unbelievable Prices

by - 12/04/2018

What do you do when you have time to spare? Wait! I got a better one, What do you do when there is nothing good to watch on your TV? The answer is pretty simple you turn to online streaming services. But, that was not the case a few years back. Back then our only source of entertainment was TV, and there was nothing else to turn to. Listen I’m not here to pick on TV, in fact, I am always thankful to the TV for exposing me to such good quality content. But the times have changed and so have we. We don’t want to watch what TV has to offer anymore, rather it all depends on the kind of mood we are in.

Tamil families have always had an unbreakable obsession with entertainment, be it movies, TV serial, talk shows, etc. Movies and TV shows are not just another sources of entertainment for us, are they? We treat these stars as a part of our family. So, no wonder why so many actors are treated like demi-gods in Tamil Nadu. But earlier, If you miss out on a movie when it was in theatres, you had to wait for months for that movie to show up on TV or some time years, believe me, I have. But that’s not the case anymore, all thanks to the online streaming services. Now you can watch any movie you like right at the comfort of your home, without having to wait, which is just great.

Since the inception of the internet, I knew that the day is not far when we will not be confined to only what TV has to offer. And now that the days are finally here, we just can’t have enough of it. But now the problem is that there are so many online streaming services, we have no clue as to which one is better than others. I took some time and did some research to find the best online streaming service. If you are like me and like to watch only Tamil content and are not obsessed with English and Hindi content, who watch Hindi movies anyways? Then, you must take a look at the Tamil subscription plans that ZEE5 offers. They provide an extensive content library at a fraction of your regular subscription prices. Trust me, that’s not the best part. The best part is that you can also opt for only Tamil contents by subscribing to Tamil Pack for just Rs 499 for one year or Rs 49 for a month. For that price, you get some good collection of Tamil movies and all the TV serials that ZEE Tamil has to offer and Live TV. But one service that truly stands out is the ‘8 Hours before TV’ feature. On a subscription of ZEE5 premium, you can get watch your favourite Tamil shows 8 hours before it airs on TV. This option surely will keep you ahead of everyone in terms of the upcoming serial plot.

So, in short, ZEE5’s Tamil Pack suffices everything a Tamil family looks for and that too at a much affordable price. If you are still sceptical about this offer, then I would highly suggest you try their Tamil Pack for one month and decide for yourself. For me, ZEE5’s Tamil Pack is perfect!

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  1. Now that so great news for Tamil people to enjoy movie or show they missed through zee5

  2. Wow.. this is great for the tamil community.. online streaming is the most convenient way to see what you want when you want.

  3. Great news for our Tamil friends.I will definitely share this information with them.

  4. Zee5 undoubtedly is an amazing app to see a lot of videos in the language we prefer at the best rate possible, Loved the blog, thank you for sharing

    1. I agree. Zee5 has a lot of regional content.

  5. It's really good for the Tamil people. They are gonna love this. I will share with my Tamil friends.

  6. Wow, Being a Tamilian I keep searching for tamil content online, and thank you fro sharing this with us, this will make a lot of difference from now on

  7. Zee5 is dafinately a life line for all kind of regional content!