Durnstein: A quaint town by the Danube

by - 4/04/2023


The first stop of our road trip to the Austrian countryside was Durnstein. We had started from Vienna or Wien (it's so confusing on which name to address; the local one or the English one 😂).

It was around 90 kms from Vienna and after crossing the city, we mostly drove along the picturesque Danube river.

Now the question, why Durnstein? Well this tiny town is the most touristy place of Wachau valley. Known for its vineyards, the population of this town is a meagre 900. It's a medieval town that shot to fame when the English ruler, King Richard the Lionheart was defeated and imprisoned by the Duke of Austria, King Leopold V. So much history associated!

After we arrived, we parked our car in the starting of the town. The name Durnstein comes from German Duerr meaning dry and Stein: stone. It means dry stone as the Durnstein castle is located high above the moist valley of the Danube. We could see the castle from a distance; but didn't go on a hike because tada pregnant me!

The streets were cobbled and the houses and shops were dreamy. The blue tower of the monastery is one of the most famed spots in here. So we tried to take a picture, although it was quite challenging as we were immediately below the tower and the main road by the Danube was below it.

Our first stop significantly got etched in our minds. The mix of natural beauty, culture and history is sufficient to make this place a must visit. It can also be reached by boat, while cruising along the Danube. This town was a stepping stone in the cascade of Austrian villages that followed thereafter. Although we continued having fantastic rustic experiences ahead in the Austrian countryside, Durnstein will always hold a special place in our hearts as it was our first.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading about your experience in Durnstein! Your attention to detail and beautiful descriptions transported me to this quaint town by the Danube. The pictures were stunning too!

  2. Durnstein has that vintage beauty and medieval charm that so many of the European villages and towns have. A stange old-world charm that is so endearing, and such historical value too. Sandy N Vyjay

  3. Bedabrata Chakraborty8 April 2023 at 12:40

    You travel so much I am getting jealous! Durnstein is so enchanting. Looks like it's from another era