Kristallwelten Swarovski in Austria

by - 4/12/2023


Kristallwellten means the World of crystals. 

If you are a true Bollywood buff, then this place wouldn't be new to you. The hit song of Salman's Khan's Chal mere Bhai was shot here: Chori Chori Sapno me ata hai Koi. In this song he was seen driving a convertible along with Karishma Kapoor in front of this iconic place. However in real life, vehicles aren't allowed inside!

This is the museum and the largest showroom of Swarovski crystals. The brand was founded in the 19 th century and then the famous artist Andre Heller was roped in to revamp this place.
The main structure outside is called the Giant and it serves as the entry gate to the museum. Of course there are tickets to go inside. This place underwent a major revamp for the brand's 120 th anniversary in 2014 and the total area involved increased to 7.5 hectares. Located in Wattens, it's on the way to Innsbruck in Tyrol. The area is surrounded by the Alps and has the greenest grass all around. The place as you can see is spectacular! 

We didn't go inside as we were short on time. So spending Euros on tickets for a blink and miss appearance would have never worked for us. I really wanted a picture with the Giant as it's so quintessential of this part of Austria. Plus Bollywood! Tell me I am an Indian without telling me I am an Indian 🤣

There are so many things to do outside. You can explore the entire area which is green by the way. The greenest of green and the cleanest of clean. There is a magical fountain area that shows multiple hues but the catch is that the water isn't coloured but the glass panel that's in front of it, is. There is a big restaurant too, where you can indulge. 

The place is slightly a detour from the way to Innsbruck. We were driving all around Austria so it wasn't an issue for us. However there is no public transport to Wattens so you would have to rent a cab to go there. One thing I can assure you, it's totally worth the hassle. And parking in the premises is free!
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  1. A delightful place. You add more charm to it 😊

  2. Wow, the Swarovski Kristallwelten in Austria looks absolutely breathtaking! Your vivid descriptions and stunning photographs make me feel like I'm right there experiencing it myself. I can't wait to plan a trip there in the future!

  3. I would have done the same. No tickets , only photos.
    And yeah I do remember Salman famous song shot over here. It’s splendid & hope to visit someday.

  4. I'm hearing about this place for the first time but reading from your experiences looks to be a good place to visit. I also agree on the not spending for blink and miss situation.