Negombo: A tiny beachside town near Colombo, Sri Lanka

by - 4/15/2023


While hunting for a place to stay in Colombo, we were open to a wide variety of options. We were travelling abroad with our kids for the first time in our lives and our clan included our infant too. So comfort was our topmost priority rather than any fad.

We have always been an ardent fan of BnBs for an authentic experience and while looking up for places in Colombo, we found out that people who stay for longer periods or love to stay with the locals, opt for Negombo. It's half an hour drive from the capital and near the beach. That screamed perfection to us and we booked a gorgeous pool villa for our stay.

The villa belonged to a Sri Lankan lady who was married to a Swedish man. Even her son was settled in Sweden. Later on we discovered that people who aspire to go abroad, decide to study and then settle in Sweden. The villa was occupied by our family and an Italian couple and the landlady. It was a huge villa and we felt very well taken care of during our stay.

Our landlady used to whip up the breakfast spread every morning by herself. An authentic Sri Lankan spread, with oodles of Coconut flavoured crepe like items. And green coconuts freshly cut from the yard. What a feeling! We used to munch all the way looking into the pool.

On the day for our departure, we had an early morning flight. We were to leave Negombo at 4 30 in the morning. Our landlady, even without any request handed us a big bag of freshly made breakfast. According to her, since we were travelling with an infant, she could not bear to see us empty stomach. So basically we had hot breakfast with us at 4 in the morning!

The Negombo beach is a cute place to hang out although it's bustling with locals. Our 3 days stay at this beach side town became unforgettable mainly because of the motherly hospitality.

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  1. Felt being there in Sri Lanka. Nice pics and detailing.

  2. A delightful place and equally delightful landlady.