Queen of Hungary and Empress of Austria's residence: Hofburg Palace

by - 4/19/2023

 If the royalty fascinates you, then this post is definitely for you. Empress Elisabeth was the queen of Hungary as well as the Empress of Austria and the Duchess of Bavaria from her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph. She was the most talked about consort queen of the Hapsburg dynasty. Called fondly as Sisi, she was just 16 when she was bestowed with the duties of the Hapsburg dynasty. As a result, she used to find respite in Hungary, and she played a pivotal role in bringing Austrian Hungarian dual monarchy.

She was known as one of the most beautiful European women of the 19 th century. Though she battled an eating disorder and anxiety. Her son died and then she lost all her interest in her life. She was assasinated by an Italian and she was the only Empress to have ruled for the longest period of 44 years.

The Hofburg Palace of Vienna is the official residence of the Hapsburg dynasty and is now the residence of the President of Austria. As anyone would expect from a palace of this stature; this enormously vast ground is located in the centre of the Austrian capital and is a major tourist attraction.

The Hofburg Palace was built in the 13th century and served as the winter imperial residence of the royal family. It is the office and the quarter of the President since 1946.

The name translates as Castle of the Court. Although the entire premises scream of finest of Baroque architecture and is immensely jaw dropping, my personal favourite area is the Hero's square or Heldenplatz.

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  1. I am a fan of the British royalty. I am diehard fan of princess Diana. I have not taken much interest in any othe royal line up. Empress Elisabeth sounds like a formidable woman though if she has managed to rule for 44 years. The Hoffberg palace looks like a majestic structure. Enjoyed the writeup.

  2. Amazing place awesome picture beautiful you look touring.

  3. Royalty always fascinates and this is no exception.

  4. We had visited Vienna 5 years ago, what a beautiful place it is! Your post made me revisit my memories :)