Residentzplatz or Residence Square: The heart of Salzburg

by - 4/20/2023


The heart of any major city is the place where everyone gathers and has the time of their lives. Usually these 'hearts' are called squares. In European countries; especially the Eastern and Central European countries have multiple squares in the city, out of which one square is the largest, most special and stands out from the rest of the city and is a major attraction. These squares have special names (Czech Republic: Namesti, Hungary: Tere, Austria/Germany: Platz) and so on. Usually the Platz is the most happening part of the city.

The Residentzplatz is the largest in the city of Salzburg, Austria; the city of the legend Mozart. There is also a square named after Mozart which is Mozartplatz. The Residentzplatz is the meeting point of various important landmarks of the city out of which the Salzburg Cathedral or the Salzburger Dom. These cities, being the centre of Christianity, have enormous cathedrals which are exquisite and magnificent from the inside. Also there is Alte Residenz to the left and the New Residenz to the East. The Mozartplatz is an alley away; which further leads to the Mozart Museum.

Notice the huge bubbles on my right side...

We visited during the afternoon, when the shenanigans were at its peak. There was a man blowing up the hugest bubbles we had ever dreamed in our fantasy. Everyone had encircled him to watch him perform his magic. There is one thing in these countries though; tipping is mandatory. You just can't stand and watch something if you don't plan to tip. They already look down upon us (people of the Indian subcontinent).Just beside him, there was a musician playing his cello. The tune was a mesmerising one. Similarly, a lot of activities were happening all around. Of course there are tens of food stalls and all. The Austrian brezen is a must try!

The platz has a huge fountain in the centre which is supposedly the largest Baroque fountain in the Central Europe. The fountain which was built in the 17 th century, has a triton statue in the upper basin. Below, there are four horses in the four directions.

Legend has it that there is a cemetery beneath the platz. Remains had been found too during its construction in the 16 th century.

The vibe of this place is so extraordinary that you can spend hours here (provided your itinerary for the day is done), people watching or simply marveling at the magnetic charm of medieval Europe.

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