Our apartment in Vienna, Austria

by - 7/22/2020

We have always loved staying in 'real homes' for the past 5 years during our travels ever since we tasted local hospitality in Istanbul, Turkey. With each following trip, we got all the more hooked to experiencing indigenous cultures. I have two large reasons for doing so:

1. We get to savour the native lifestyle up close and personal.

2. I look forward to picking up decor tips from the homes we stay. It's such a fun way to incorporate our travels into our homes.

3. The third and the most exciting part is co habiting/meeting the host. Everytime we have met some really interesting personalities.
4. Since my husband is a pure vegetarian, we need a kitchen so that I can cook him one Indian meal per day. Lest he won't be able to survive. And we love to whip up soups and coffee whenever we retire after a long day of exploration.
 Well we reached Vienna quite late at night from Bratislava, Slovakia. It was a Sunday night and our host Anna was hanging out with her friends at the foyer. We were warmly welcomed with fumes of smoke! We said good night quickly and went to our room after she showed us the apartment. 
The next morning we got to chat with her before we set out for the city tour. Anna was really tall (around 6') and huge with dark kohled eyes. We knew immediately that she wasn't a native/Austrian. Turned out she was from Azerbaijan. We had one more host, who was really submissive. He was a feeble looking guy and he was French, Paris to be precise. He said that there was no job in his country so he came to Austria for the same. According to him, his favorite city was Budapest, Hungary but he found Hungarian to be an extremely difficult language, hence he chose learning English and German over Hungarian. We get to learn so many things when we stay in apartments. This is definitely one of the best parts of traveling. Too bad we could not get a picture with our hosts. I was five months pregnant and we were in a rush to do everything!

This apartment was located in the city centre of Vienna (Wien in local language), right on the main road from the metro station. There were huge buildings on both sides of the street, a big park for kids as well as big supermarkets nearby. Ours was on fourth floor. Given the strategic location, we were extremely lucky to have rented such a big space. Cues that I picked up from this stay:
1. Animal prints look good on upholstery.

2. Sheer/White curtains feel far more relaxing than heavier/dark coloured drapes.

3. My favourite wooden floor pattern has to be herring bone.

4. Nothing looks cleaner and crisper than white sheets.

5. I would love to have a lucite chair one day.

6. Wainscoting and chandelier combo gives a Victorian look to the place.
After coming back, I got a set of zebra print cushions. I have always had sheer curtains and I am definitely getting herring bone pattern wooden flooring during our next renovation. (whenever that happens after lockdown). White sheets have to wait till my husband and kids grow up.
Are you fond of picking up interior decor cues from travelling? What have you learnt the best?

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  1. The apartment looks so spacious and lovely and I loved how elaborately and beautifully you written about it!

  2. I have never explored places from this perspective. Such a good idea of learning small detail while traveling.

  3. Its very few times that we always stop, observe and appreciate the places we stay at. This is really nice. The apartment surely looks like a comfortable stay and I love your observations about it.

  4. The place is truly very beautiful. You must have had good times there. I too love picking up ideas while travelling like you

  5. Looks like a great space with some daring prints and interior details...omg 6ft ...am jealous. And Vienna what a fabulous location to visit

  6. Your apartment in Viena looks absolutely cosy. I would love to stay there someday.

    1. Apartment is well created I must say. kitchen looks great

  7. Learning new things and understanding the details is the essence of travelling. You have nailed it here.

  8. Very comfortable apartment with Austrian spirit. It looks cool!