Vienna for free: 9 things that won't cost a dime in the capital of Austria

by - 4/25/2023

 I am a big fan of free guides. Especially in European countries, where 1 Euro is quite a bit as per Indian standards and where you need 1.5 Euro to pee! We were scandalised when we were charged for the first time in Amsterdam! Even some famous churches require tickets to go iniside. That's why I always try to discover points of interest that don't need tickets or could be done at a minimal price. Some of my most loved guides are:

Budapest for free

Florence for free and many other guides.

So today I am sharing the many places that doesn't need any ticket or simply can be done at a lower cost but not entering inside!

1. Schonbrunn Schloss: In German language, schloss means a palace and you get palaces strewn in this region like peas! And not just any palace, these are literally HUGE! The Schonbrunn Palace is the most magnificent palace of Vienna and one of the most beautiful ones in entire Europe and of course the most visited spot of Vienna. While the external grounds are free, you would need tickets for special area like Orangery and all. But who needs those if the free grounds are as exquisite and vast like this! In fact if you want to explore the entire palace, you need a whole day.

2. Schonbrunn Greenhouse: Just adjacent to the Palace is a huge Greenhouse that looks equally marvellous . You should definitely take a picture from outside.

3. Vienna Zoo: Who has the time for seeing captive animals in a historical city like Vienna? But you will cross the gate during your visit to the Palace.

4. Rathaus: The town hall and the community centre are nothing less than Baroque architecture themselves. Definitely deserves a visit.

5. Hofburg Palace: I have mentioned before, you can stroll on the grounds and take pictures without going inside the museum.

6. Beleverde Palace: Again one of the most marvelous Baroque construction of that era. The miraculously manicured gardens always leave me in awe. Even Salman Khan movies have been shot here; the one with Ayesha Takia. No need to visit the museum; the external grounds would leave you in beauty haze.

7. Vienna Park: The park is literally enormous and there are a lot of cheap eateries outside. Ditch the restaurant if you want to save money. We bought vegetarian noodles and had a lovely picnic in the park.

8. St Stephen's Cathedral: An exquisite Gothic construction, the entire place left our eyeballs popping because it was so beautiful!

9. Old Town square: All the hustle bustle happens in the old town square. Cobbled streets, eateries, luxury shops and tonnes of cool activities; all are continuously happening. It was a Sunday when we visited and the city could not be more alive!

Vienna or Wien is one of most fascinating European capitals we have ever visited. And trust me, I am saying this after having been explored 24 countries and their capitals!

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  2. Your Vienna for free guide is absolutely amazing! I love how you've listed so many fantastic places to explore without spending a dime. Your descriptions and personal experiences make it even more captivating. Thanks for sharing these budget-friendly tips to enjoy Vienna to the fullest! Keep up the great work!

  3. Vienna is such a surreal city. There is so much to see and experience, but it always reminds me of, 'The Sound of Music,". These are some amazing acivities that one can really enjoy while there without paying a single penny. Sandy N Vyjay

  4. I agree..Vienna reminds me of "The Sound of Music" and the Von Trapp family too. Your travel stories give me a high. Among all the beautiful places you have listed here, I would not miss the St Stephen's Cathedral since I am a big fan of Gothic architecture. I hail from Calcutta you see :)

  5. Thanks for Sharing places that could be visited in Vienna that too without spending for tickets and having low cost delicious food. It would be of great help to make travel itinerary to Vienna

  6. I always search such posts whenever I plan my vacation coz who doesn’t want to save bucks & travel smartly. Am sure travelled to Vienna will find this post very helpful.