Florence For Free: 10 Must Do Free things when in Florence, Italy

by - 2/03/2018

Just like any other 'heritage' city of Italy, Firenze or Florence (in English) is full of architectural marvels and experiences to savour. However when you are short on time, ie you are in the city for just a single day, there are a few things which cannot be omitted at any cost! Since we were on a whirlwind trip to Italy (14 days really does not count as hasty, but when in Italia, it is) we had just a single day for city tour. Actually we were in the beautiful sunshine state of Tuscany for two and a half days but there was so much to explore in the Tuscan countryside. We explored the city of Florence on our first day and at the end of a really exhausting day, I can proudly say that we had covered all the important parts of the city. So here is me rounding up the ten most important things to do in Florence that you won't cost you a penny:
Ponte Vecchio: So this structure fascinated me the most when we explored Florence. Okay it is not as grand or important as the Duomo but very unique nonetheless. Ponte means Bridge and Vecchio is old. So it translates into 'Old Bridge'. The unique part is that its a bridge in function with kind of a tiny village built on it. I mean when you would walk across the shops and tiny houses, you won't even realize that you are walking across the river Arno! In medieval times, poor people used to live in these places.

The Duomo: Originally known as the Cattedrale Di Santa Maria Del Fiore, this is the main cathedral of Florence. The red dome is the iconic symbol of the city. Its a UNESCO World Heritage Sight and one of the largest churches of Italy. Built in a Gothic style, this construction of this church was started in the 13 th century.
We visited on a Sunday and were privileged enough to be a part of the masses. There is no entry fee for the church but if you want to climb the bell tower or the Champanile, you have to buy a ticket! Who cares for this view when you can get even a greater view from another spot for FREE!

Santa Maria Novella: It plays second fiddle to the main Duomo but as you can see, its absolutely spectacular!

Piazza Del Signora: One of the most famous squares in the city of Florence. It contains all the important sculptures of who's and who's of the Italian Art World: Michalangelo, Vinci, etc. When in Florence, you of course cannot miss out the perfectly sculpted nude statues of humans :D

The river Arno: The Arno flows across the entire state of Tuscany. Its therapeutic to look at with Tuscan buildings flanking its both sides and numerous bridges crossing it (with of course Ponte Vecchio the most important one) If you have time, you can just stroll along the river. Its beautiful!

Piazza del Michaelangelo: This is quite a walk from the city centre but a MUST visit! You have to climb a lot of stairs to reach to the top but the view is absolutely breathtaking from here. There are of course gorgeous sculptures too here but the 360 degree view of the entire city of Florence is mesmerizing.

Sunset: The best place to watch the Tuscan sun go down in the Piazza del Michaelangelo. The vibe over there is something out of the world. A warning though: its crazily crowded! Just like the sunset of Oia, Greece! You can enjoy champage and music along with the sunset. However this guide is about inexpensive things to do in Florence so I would skip the unnecessary merry part.

If you are scared of crowds, go for the sunrise instead: its spectacular.

Overview of Florence: This city of Firenze (Italian for Florence) has art and culture tucked in every corner. You can find something fascinating in every nook. Go explore!

Eat and get serenaded: You can't just stay in Italy without gorging on some delicious Italian food! Food is costly though let me warn you. The thing that pinched us the most were the copperti or cover charges. The highest we paid was in Venice (7 euros 😖). In Florence on one night we had Pizza Marinara and Spaghetti in goat cheese at a place called Mama Mia. The vibe was delightful and there were musicians playing all the time. You don't have to tip them though :D

Wander on the streets: So you are in one of the prettiest cities of Italy...cobbled streets, huge stone mansions, pretty people and designer boutiques strewn everywhere. Why not wander? It won't cost you even a dime! Yes you can of course nibble on a gelato (gelato in Florence were the costliest: we couldn't find one less than 5 euro). We roamed on the streets till late into the night (1 AM) . Something highly unadvised in Italy but we were safe. Just keep your eyes and ears open and don't be too adventurous.

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  1. Florence a romantic place great pizza for what I see have a lovely weekend you two.

  2. Great tips, I love Florence, beautiful pictures

  3. Ahh Florence is just so damn beautiful!! The duomo is incredible!! Gorgeous photos babe <3

    XO, Jessi

  4. I really loved your post! And the place seems to be super amazing! I will save this post and when will go there, will definitely check it out!