What leads to premature greying of hair?

by - 2/07/2018

Our hair is our most prized glory. To say that every human whether a man or woman is obsessed with hair is an understatement. Long or short, thick or thin, we love our hair. We play, style and sway our mane in front of the mirror daily. A bad hair day puts us off like nothing else. There are so many woes related to hair: split ends, hairfall, dryness, premature greying, etc etc. Being in this industry for quite a long time, I have decided to throw light on these topics one by one. I have been writing on hairfall for quite some time now. So today I have decided to write on premature greying of hair.
Greying of hair is a physiological process. We all have seen our grandparents and our ageing parents fall prey to that. However this is not today's scenario anymore. We are now spotting grey hair even in twenty year olds! This kind of phenomenon which occurs so early in life is called premature greying of hair.
The color of our hair is because of a dark pigment called melanin which is secreted by cells called melanocytes. I am talking only about black and brown hair here. When this melanin synthesis gets reduced or it's production gets stopped, greying occurs. Now stoppage of synthesis of melanin is always a part of the ageing process. However what causes this to occur in young individuals? Let's find out!
Pathological Causes: Conditions like chronic sinusitis, migraine, diseases like vitiligo cause premature greying.
 Nutritional causes: Diet deficient in Vitamin B 12, severe Iron deficiency, copper deficiency, etc causes premature greying.
Lifestyle causes: Stress is a major reason for this. Also smoking causes greying as it causes oxidative stress. Lack of sleep is also a big reason.

 So now a big question.

Is greying of hair reversible?
The point is that once a hair strand loses its melanin, it can't regain obviously! But a hair is temporary. So it would fall off after the completion of it's life cycle, it would shed off. And if you are under the right treatment, it won't come back!

So apart from dying your hair which causes ultimate damage, what can you do? You can opt for hair bundles!

360 Frontal Wig: This is the ultimate natural look. You can throw your hair into a ponytail your let your curls open. Its cheap and also very easy to maintain!
brazilian human hair wigs

Blonde Weave: Who does not like blond hair? However we are scared of artificial bleaching. Here is a simple method. Put lemon juice in your hair and dry them in the sun for 30 minutes. Lemon naturally lightens your hair. 

blonde lace wig

Blonde Lace Front Wig: Do you know how to under go a complete makeover? Go blonde! Yes, that is a total look changer. However if you have dark hair like me, bleaching can ruin your hair totally. So if you want a new yourself, opt for this style. 
These bundles with frontal are made from Brazilian human hair. Virgin hair have been used. These are very natural looking hair. Full frontal gives a very natural hairline. You can opt for new hairstyles altogether.

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