What are the substitutes to natural looking hair?

by - 2/02/2018

Our crowning glory is our most prized possession. Whether its male or female, hair is one's greatest weakness. We spend so much time, efforts and money on maintaining our mane. Still we are seldom satisfied. The truth is that beautiful hair depends on so many factors. We do all the things to damage our hair: erratic lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress, lack of proper hair care and so  on. Being a physician who mainly deals with hair and skin, I handle hundreds of hair patients daily. And the numbers are on the rise!

In this super fast, super busy life, what we need is some magic that can fix our hair without having to compromise our lifestyle. I mean everyday we are into different hairstyles. In the morning a sleek pony or straightened hair for work, dipping hair in chlorinated water during swimming in the evening, again pulling it and straightening it for work the next day, then a completely new hairdo for partying on weekends. Not to mention all the junk food and booze that deteriorates our hair further. Is there a solution for all this? Yes! HAIR EXTENSIONS!

There is a site Bhfhair.com that offers you the most diverse range of hair extensions. From all kinds of length: short, medium, long, colour and all sorts of texture: curly, wavy, straight, natural straight etc, there is not a type that you won't find. You can choose the one that suits your natural hair colour or you can go for a radical new look!

Let's focus on three different hairstyles that are required for everyday life.

Universally, the most desirable hair style is the smooth, silky long hair. Whether its appearing for an interview or delivering a presentation or meeting your boyfriend's parents, this is the most perfect hair do. Straightening your natural hair daily is not a wise thing to do. So you can go for these clip hair extensions. They are 100% natural human hair and are very easy to use!

These give a fuller look and are more affordable than full lace wigs. It imitates the natural hairline. For example if you want beach waves but don't want to subject your thin hair to hours of harsh sunlight, you can choose the above style. These waves are so pretty and you don't need to depend on your natural hair to don this look!

If you are looking for easy and coloured hair tape in extensions, these are perfect! Very easy to use and there are hundreds of options. So you can don a new style everyday!

Which of these styles would you go for?

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  1. Wow these extensions are gorgeous!!!! I want to try them!

  2. Great images and awesome information about extensions.

  3. Great information. Thanks for sharing... :-)