Innsbruck: The one thing you must do in the capital of Tyrol

by - 4/10/2023


When you think of skiing in the Austrian Alps, the first place to pop up (in your head if you are thorough about Austria or Google if you are researching) is Innsbruck. Well the fact is that the entire region of Tyrol is ideal for skiing and Innsbruck happens to be the capital of this region. It is the 5 th largest city of Austria and is very touristy at any given time. We didn't or rather couldn't plan of skiing when we visited, because pregnant me! (It's our babymoon remember?) But this city has innumerable things to offer even for the non adventurous people. 

We drove to Innsbruck from Salzburg and then parked our rented car at one designated government parking and decided to explore the city on foot. One mammoth con of driving are the exhorbitant parking fees. Especially if you earn in INR, 5 Euros can burn a hole in your pocket. Anyways the intra city connection is really efficient, given the numerous buses and trams running zig zag across the city.

After a quick snack at a grocery store, we saw a Swarovski showroom and decided to hop in. We had just come back from the Swarovski Krystalwalten (the original museum) but hadn't bought anything from there. Just to be clear, we are not shoppers abroad; unless something is really exclusive and unique. We spend on experiences and not things. However when it comes to buying souvenirs, we can go out and about. I desired a Swarovski piece (although it's widely available in India) as a memory from its land itself. 

The shop/showroom was a masterpiece itself. I mean even if you don't plan on buying anything, you should definitely make it a point to visit this showroom. 

The most famous landmark of Innsbruck is Golden Dachl or the Golden Roof. It marked the wedding of Emperor Macmillan to Bianca Maria Sforza and the roof is decorated with 2657 fire gilded copper tiles. The Emperor used to watch the shenanigans happening on the courtyard from this balcony with his Empress.

Since we had visited the Crystal World of Sarowaski on the way to Innsbruck city, we basically strolled all over. The one things you absolutely should do here is to visit their biggest showroom, not to shop, but to marvel in the wonder of those sparkling crystals. 

And if you have a day or two, definitely go for skiing in the Alps during snow season. Also you van cover the Alpine zoo, Schloss Ambras, Patscherkofel and do a Roundtrip cable car ride.
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