Fisherman's Bastion Budapest: What to know before you go

by - 4/06/2023

It goes without saying how spectacular Budapest, the capital of Hungary is. From the intricate architecture of buildings all over the city to the magnificent bridges across the River Danube, Budapest is a favourite not only for the tourists but for the filmmakers too. A lot of Hollywood movies which try to portray Rome or Paris, are actually shot in Budapest.

For the uninitiated, Budapest consists of 2 cities; Buda and  Pest, separated by the River Danube. The skyline of course is studded with spectacular monuments like the Parliament House, Buda Castle, etc on both sides of the river. However the structure that grabs the most eyeballs is the Fisherman's Bastion. It is located in the Buda part of Budapest near the Buda Castle. It overlooks the Danube and offers the best bird's eye view of the enchanting city.

The Fisherman's Bastion is a Gothic architectural construction built in the early 20th century. It boasts of multiple turrets and spires and is named so as the fishermens' village was just beneath it. The upper terrace is ticketed, 1000 Hungarian Forint charged per person. However if you are not ready to pay, there is plenty of space to roam around and explore. Since I was 5 months pregnant, and were visiting in the evening, I was dead exhausted. There was too much walking involved, as it's situated on a hill (the panoramic view Duh!) and horrific flights of stairs to be climbed.

Although this structure looks magnificent at any time of the day, any given time of the year, it offers the best view of sunrise. Also the Matthias Church which is just outside the bastion, is another Gothic marvel. You would be needing a ticket to enter the church.

We were quite naive when we visited and don't have those typical Instagram pictures to boast about, but this place is a priceless gem nonetheless!

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  1. Oh I loved how refreshing and real these pictures are.You look perfect Mandira .Loved reading your travel stories

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  3. The photographs are making me crazy jealous! River Danube is renowned for its blue water. Is it really that blue?

  4. Yes many Hollywood movies have been shot in Budapest in pretext of Paris or Rome.
    The pictures are amazing & u r looking pretty in ur pregnancy.