Thulusdhoo: A day trip from Dhiffushi, Maldives

by - 4/22/2023

 Our super ambitious day trip to another island from Dhiffushi. A team of an infant, a toddler, an exhausted mom and a super enthusiastic Dad!

It was our penultimate day of our grand vacation (read 2 countries with an infant and a toddler for the first time) and therefore all our plights can be imagined by any parent. I was dead exhausted. However my husband didn't modify his plan of exploring like normal days.

Our last day was visiting Adaaran Hudhuranfushi and I wanted to preserve my energy for that. After all, we already had spent so much money in its booking, I wanted to reach there looking like a normal human being. However the husband refused to modify his plans and there we set for another island exploration at 7 in the morning.U 
There were daily ferries to Thulusdhoo which departed at 7 AM and came back at 6 PM. In order to take the 7 AM ferry one needs to wake up and get ready even earlier. Throw in 10 days of previous hopping plus a toddler and an infant, you get an overtly underslept and cranky mom. But there I was, all set for our local island adventure.

The island of Thulusdhoo is way larger than Dhiffushi. We started walking towards the centre. The ferry terminal is very pretty with a pier and one can see turtles in the sea from the pier. There were swings all over near the terminal. We walked to the main market and bought fruits and other knick knacks for our picnic on the beach. Fruits in Maldives are horrendously expensive. Anyways after all the efforts, when we finally reached the beach, positioned ourselves on the swing, sliced the fruits and started eating, the sky got overcast. Even before we could pray for dry weather, it started pouring. We were so unprepared that our DSLR camera got totally drenched. Anyways we were carrying umbrellas and somehow managed to save our kids.

After the skies cleared, we sneaked into a resort and took shelter under the cabana. We ordered a drink there and then went ahead to taking a dip in the sea. The beach didn't have silver sand like Dhiffushi and was full of shells. The water was clear so I planned to do a little snorkelling. It wasn't really practical as the rain started again and husband couldn't be left with 2 babies. So I immediate came out.

We decided to explore the island all over. On the way, when it was again pouring heavily, we took shelter inside the Government Hospital. There we told them that we are Doctors in India and chit chatted about the medical conditions.

We walked to the sand bank and then decided that it was time to stay nearby the ferry terminal. The beach near the port wasn't very enticing (it never is because of the continuous incoming and outgoing of ships. But it was the safest option because there was no way we could miss the ferry.

We squeezed in a small lunch in between. I ordered Maldivian prawn curry with rice and a juice. The juices and drinks in Maldives are exhorbitantly prices. That's understandable because they don't grow any. Order as much sea food as you want, it's cheaper than the juice!

After a final dip in the ocean, we walked towards the terminal and waited for our ferry. Our adventure didn't end on reaching Dhiffushi. There was a cart that was carrying planters and other stuff, to be delivered across the island. Since we had to walk to our guest house from the terminal, my husband dumped me and our elder one in the cart so that we didn't have to walk.

That was the craziest ending to this already crazy day and one of the funniest things we had ever done in our lives!

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  1. You are admirable, making such journeys with children and telling us about them in picturesque details.

  2. I like your yellow dress, so bright a cheery.
    Coffee is on and stay safe.

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  4. That picture of you twinning with your daughter is fabulous. And it sounds like the perfect family day--full fo surprises that only families can have and enjoy. The sea turtles must have been a mesmerising sight. But do feel bad about you losing your DSLR to the rain.

  5. I just loved the way you twinned with your daughter...lucky you are to have such cute daughters. Adorable pictures and I love your traveller spirit to explore the destinations with your little ones in such a magnificence way. The captures are brilliant and your smiling face is enough to tell that the trip was a blissfulone other than loosing of the DSLR

  6. Looks like the weather really was playing peek-a-boo with you guys that day. But I am glad that your smiles despite all the trepidations, were as sunny as the twinning dresses.

  7. Maldives has been on my bucket list for a long time now.Your blog motivates me to book my tickets asap. My daughter was there last month, swimming with the sharks and stingrays. Loved the three of you tripling in the same dress.

  8. You seem to have had quite an adventure. I love reading about your travels. It is difficult to travel with babies. The pics and the three of you in the same dress is so cute. God bless.

  9. awwww... you must have been a zombie Mandira but hats off to you... I wouldv never in my wildest of dreams gone on a holiday with an infant and toddler... no way! but look at you... all dressed and cheerful and happy. This is so admirable about you.
    I was visualizing u and your elder one literally being dumped into the cart. What an adventurous end... hahaha
    - kaveri.

  10. With kids its not easy to travel, but then I also would say they are the fun part in the travel. You added a different meaning mums usually tax themselves with chores and baby daily routine when the tables can be turned and we can be taught how to enjoy with kids not actually panicking about their routine.

  11. You twinning with the girls is so cute. Love the pics. That must have been quite a trip. Rains are always a dampener but you made the most of it.

  12. Dipping in the ocean and takin a bath in the salty sea water is a therapy. And your island visits and pictures tell a vivid story.

  13. The best was reserved for the last :) What a wonderful post with beautiful pics. I keep saying this week after week after week :) Can't get enough! Its so nice that you are writing about all this because it helps you remember and after many years you can take a virtual trip down memory lane with these posts.

  14. Another great informative post giving one ideas to plan their holiday. And I love the matching outfits:)

  15. Ah, that twinning picture has my heart. I love your vibrant picture that accompanies your travelogues. Gorgeous place!

  16. Hats off to you guys for taking vacations with two kids, one of them an infant ! The pictures are amazing as usual. Beautiful place.

  17. I have been following your trips through your Instagram stories and loving it all

  18. I'm amazed that you managed to dress all coordinated after being so tired! You guys look so cute. Also, everything, (and I mean everything!!) is atrociously overpriced in Maldives!!