How to plan the perfect family photoshoot

by - 7/16/2021

Whether it's to commemorate a special occasion like anniversary or birthday or that mandatory annual 'Christmas Card' photoshoot, it feels lovely to freeze family moments forever. Especially when you have small kids, it's enlightening to look back and cherish how small and cute they were. Time never comes back. And before your little daughter turns into a diva herself and starts considering you 'uncool', it's better you doll yourselves in mommy and me clothes and keep them for the future!

Taking fam pics can be quite of a task, especially if it includes small kids. However the beauty lies in the struggle and eventually the outcome as you want those moments to freeze forever! We are not pros, but till date we have managed to take quite some decent pictures of our family of four. Here are a few things that have worked for us.

*Make sure the kids are not hungry and sleepy: You need to plan the shoot in that window period which does not coincide with the kids' mealtime or naptime. Shoots can take quite long, so be prepared with snacks and some healthy fruit juices to pacify their hunger pangs.

*Choose a color theme: Opting for an uniform colour theme or a coordinated one can be real pleasing to the eye. You can go absolute matchy matchy or in classic combinations like black and white, red and black, etc. Nailing down the perfect matching family clothes can be quite a task, but here is my role to help you. 
I came across Popopie which has the most adorable baby clothes, mom and me and matching family clothes at an attractive price point.
*Always opt to shoot outdoors in daylight: Nothing comes out more beautifully when shot in bright daylight. During summers, you can opt for the golden hour; the light just before dusk is so pleasant.

*Avoid prints in outfits: Prints clashing creates a chaos and hence you should always refrain from doing so. Particularly some stripes give an aura of illusion; which takes away the attention from the real theme of the picture.
*Props are always welcome: From balloons to flowers, food to kites, soft toys to pillows, you can choose the props according to the occasion.

*If you know the photographer, it's best. Familiarity works well with everyone and is very comforting to kids. You don't want your kids to run away as soon as the frame is set up. If possible, maybe include your children in the previous meeting with the photographer days before leading to the shoot.
*You can also use a tripod. 99.5 % of our pictures have been taken on a tripod. It may be quite a hassle, but it's the most ideal option for us. I am the stylist and the director of our shoots and the husband is in charge of the shutter button. We can be ourselves because no outsider is involved and hence no level of discomfort for our kids. I would highly suggest you to invest in a good quality tripod and a remote for the camera.

Memories are for the most aesthetic way possible. Do you agree?

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  1. This is such an important post. We are all baffled at times like this so this will come handy as a family. Thank you!

  2. Family photos are a great way to keep memories alive.
    Great location for a family photo shoot!

  3. Wonderful post. I did not know so much goes on behind the family photoshoot and yes I agree the coordination and the location matters the most. Lovely pictures by the way.

  4. I love your family photos, Mandira. I also echo your thoughts that planning for a photoshoot is necessary as everything needs to be in order for the shoot. Your lovely photographs remind me that even I should start planning for one.

  5. We are planning a family photoshoot in coming month, this is such a timely and helpful post. Gonna use this tips to plan a nice photoshoot

  6. Wow these are such amazing pictures. I loved each picture and it so suits the surroundings so well. The white against the while sand and lovely water looks awesome. I loved the idea of perfect family photoshoot

  7. Thanks for sharing these useful tips for getting the family photo right. I always prefer a familiar photographer for the same.

  8. Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.