First Stop at The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

by - 11/08/2017

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When we were in the panning stages of our trip to Australia, we had the greatest expectations as well as apprehensions from The Great Ocean Road drive. Thankfully after a fortnight of travelling in Malaysia, Australia and Bali, I can confidently say that this was the best part of our trip indeed. The Great Ocean Road had surprises and beauty at its every turn and I wish I could stay there forever. However we had to cover 600 kms in one day (300 kms one way) so we had lesser stops than we would have liked. We stopped at around 11 places (plus a lot of unofficial stops) and all of them were phenomenal. Not to forget that the drive was the most scenic of all. Again hence proved that its all about the journey and not at all about the destination.

Our first supposed stop was to witness the sunrise at Bell's Beach, Torquay. Sunrise in Victoria during spring is at around twenty past six. So in order to do that, we were supposed to leave the city at four thirty in the morning. However, as expected, we were too tired from the constant travelling (Delhi to KL, roaming in KL and Putrajaya ,KL to Melbourne and then exploring the Dandenong Ranges till late night) all during the past 48 hours. We managed to wake up at 4 30 and hit the road at around 5 30. It was almost a ninety minute drive; leaving the city, speeding on the highway, crossing Colac (the first big town of the suburbs) and reaching the town of Torquay. 

Dawn cracked during the way and the suburb meadows were spectacular. We missed the sunrise at the beach but almost saw the sun rising up from the meadows during the drive. When we were just about to arrive at Bell's Beach, an unexpected but a much anticipated event happened.

A group of three large kangaroos hopped across the road in front of us. We were so astonished as well as overjoyed that we failed to capture them. Some things are better in our brain's RAM. Although they would have looked great on the blog. We observed them for a while; they were continuously staring at us. They looked like harmless nincompoops :D
 We then parked our car and descended the steps to the beach. Parking is free everywhere on the Great Ocean Road (Thank God) It was windy and horribly cold! However the beach just mesmerised me. It was my first stint with the Southern Ocean.
 The wooden steps leading to the beach looked like out of a movie set. The water was freezing and the waves were wild. Swimming is strictly prohibited. Bell's Beach is a popular place for surfing. In fact its the home of the world's longest running surfing competition, known as the Rip Curl Pro Bell's Beach. The beach itself is named after its Pastor John Cavert Bell.

Coming to the outfit, it was FREEZING! Thank God I had packed this coat from Zaful . It has a smooth silky touch on the outside which gives a luxury feel. Right now a huge Global Shopping Festival is going on Zaful where you can win yourself a gift card worth 100$! Yay to more shopping :D

Can you see the engraved 'Bell's Beach' on the rock? Right after we started our car, we again spotted a huge black kangaroo crossing the road. It went to the side and again kept staring at us. The first stop of our trip was just perfect.


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  1. This looks beautiful and fabulous. Great photos.
    xoxo Falasha
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  2. Looks so beautiful out there! Great photos!

    XO, Jessi

  3. Wow love the scenic beauty all round.
    Loved your accessories too. The water melon bag is too cute. :)

  4. I can imagine what a lovely drive that must have been seeing the pictures and reading about sudden appearances of Kangaroos and all. You look lovely doc 👌🏼

  5. Nice view and I Love your water melon bag. What your next stop?

  6. Gorgeous

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  8. Australia is a very good country for vacation .. lovely view and look.

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  9. What beautiful pictures! It looks like you had nice visit!

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  11. Welcome to Aus! I can see you have wonderful travel posts. Nice to see your blog.

  12. Thank you for ur wishes.
    I have a huge crush on the outfit u r wearing here. U look fabulous.


  13. Great pics!
    Australia is lovely to explore. Did you manage to click any Kangaroo pics?