Time for Christmas Sweaters!

by - 11/24/2017

Ah the Holiday Season! What's more exciting than this part of the year? I am sure we all wait this season right form the starting of the year! With Thanksgiving just over, its time to get ready for Christmas! And with X mas, we are all for buying winter wear..especially sweaters. Somehow we tend we associate X mas with some ugly holiday sweaters. Remember Bridget Jones diary? I somehow, don't feel that all those typical red, green and reindeerie sweaters are ugly. Do you?

Ugly or not, we have to shop Christmas sweaters every year. So this year, after searching the internet, I have found the perfect destination to shop them..Simple-dress.com ! They have got the cutest range of winter wear...especially 'ugly' Christmas sweaters! Although I would genuinely say that these are very cute and not at all ugly! Here are few of my favourites:

 Santa Sweater: What is Christmas if not wearing a Santa? The sweater is black and hence not too 'ugly'! Is not the print too cute?
 Christmas Tree Sweater: The way adorning Santa is mandatory, it applies the same for an X Mas tree too! What I love about this print is that the tree is yellow! How unique is that?

Dark Blue Sweater: I just adore the dark blue color and the twin Santas are too cute to resist!

So what is your take on ugly Christmas sweaters? What kind do you like wearing?

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