Our splendid experience at Udaigarh

by - 11/03/2017

View of the Lake Pichola from the rooftop pool of our hotel.

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 As our annual ritual, we  opted for Udaipur for  our last year's anniversary celebration. I don't know why but I or probably we both would say that the best part of our Udaipur trip was our stay. Udaipur hotels are one of the most expensive in the world. As much as we would have loved to experience those, but they were simply way out of our budget. A night's stay at the Trident Udaipur would probably be equivalent to the total expenses of our next trip! Anyways what we needed was no brand name but a fantastic experience. And luckily, our stay turned to be one!

Interiors adorned with artifacts...

To start with we chose a place which had a swimming pool ( my first criteria), offered gorgeous views of the lake Pichola and was in the city centre. Thankfully we found one that fit our pocket. In Udaipur most of the hotels have been converted from havelis or palatial mansions. Ours was similar too. Udaigarh etymologically meant a fortress ( garh) in Udaipur. The owner had acquired this property from his ancestors and had converted it into this fantastico hotel.

I so wish I would have been born in the Rajput era! Who knows may be I also would have been the heir to one such palace! Then such kind of property would have funded my travelling expenses and I would not have to earn :D Is there any harm in day dreaming? I bet not! I want a superb life anyway whether in the real or dream world. Coming back to my senses, more about our fabulous hotel.

Our hotel was situated almost on the banks of Lake Pichola. All the major tourist attractions were in its vicinity...the City Palace, Bhagore ki haveli, Jagdish Temple, etc etc. Not only that but the jetty for the ferry ride to the lake was also walking from there!

The interiors of the place tried to strike a balance between modernity and heritage while trying to preserve the ethnicity of their family. Beautiful lamps, gigantic thrones, silver furniture etc adorned the lobbies of various floors. There were various artifacts from wars: swords, shields, daggers and even miniature cannons. Some of them sent a chill down my spine. And the best part was of course the roof top pool overlooking the Lake Pichola.

 We had breakfast on the roof top gazing the lake. While checking out we also met the owner of the place. A navy officer by profession, he was very welcoming. So not only our stay was fantabulous but our host was great too! Anyways this place would remain the highlight of our trip!!

Venice of East


rooftop pool
bamboos and lanterns....

Udaigarh hotel
The lobby with hints of Rajasthani furnishings...Vintage furniture with dollops of Colour...

Blue top and White skirt: Mango

Red Dress: Globus
Purse: Vintage Prada
Booties: from Bangkok

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  1. The place sure looks very comfortable and slightly quaint too .Love the blue and white combo - very chic !

  2. The hotel looks pretty decent. Ultimately what matters is the destination travelled.