Bye Bye oiling!

by - 11/10/2017

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Long Hair...Boon or bane? Beautiful, luscious hair has been a fantasy for both men and women since times immemorial. As much as long hair looks beautiful, its maintenance is an uphill task. Oiling, washing, drying and then styling. Phew! So much for long locks! And if you happen to have a lot of hair and that too curly like me, then our struggles are wait...quadrupled. However, not any more. I have recently come across an excellent product from Pantene and thought of sharing with you all.
The benefits of oiling can never be ignored. Whether its an hour long ‘champi’ by our mom or just a quick oil massage, oiling seems to be an integral part of hair care. However we all hate the stickiness of oiling, don’t we? Oiling seems to be more like a chore rather than a choice. And its stickiness and ‘smell’ compels us to wash our hair every time we oil. So what if we got something that had the benefits of oiling without the stickiness and fuss? Well seems our prayers have been answered!
Pantene has come out with a revolutionary product: Pantene Oil Replacement that promises to end all the hassles of oiling. It is a rich and creamy product that gives you multiple benefits of natural oil without any stickiness!
How does it work?

The formula combines the power of oils with Pantene Pro V science to treat hair and makes it 2X stronger!

How to use?

Rub a walnut size of Pantene Oil Replacement between the palm of your hands.

Starting from the top, distribute it evenly through your hair along the length. No need to rinse.

Style your hair as usual. Use it before combing, blow drying, sun and salt water exposure.

Pros of Pantene Oil Replacement:

It nourishes hair.

It reduces hairfall.

It helps repair hair damage.

It acts as a final touch; leaving hair soft and smooth.

It can be used both on dry and damp hair.

It smells heavenly!

The golden packaging looks very pretty in my bathroom.
It works best with Pantene Pro V shampoo and conditioner.

Cons: Not any I could think of!

Price: 85 INR for 80 ml which is very economical.

Since I have thick, curly hair, my hair tends to become frizzy very easily. What I love about Pantene Oil Replacement is that it tames my hair instantly! Whether its going to my clinic (where I tie my hair and need to look sober) or to a party (where I let my hair down), I use Pantene Oil Replacement. It instantly soothes my hair and I can style it anyway I want to! PS I love the lingering beautiful fragrance! #TelKoTelLagao

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Lip Color: MAC Ruby Woo

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  1. Great brand I use Pantene the presentation on point doll. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I am searching good shampoo for hair fall from the quarter of month but was not satisfied with it.Now I will start it and will back to with you soon with the result. Thank you for the help. Hope for best.