Amsterdam Nightlife

by - 11/27/2017

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Visit to Amsterdam is incomplete without a peek into its infamous Red Light Area
I had always heard a lot about Amsterdam and its notorious night life. In fact when I was small, all I knew about Amsterdam was its sleazy adult history. As I grew up, I came to learn that almost all countries have such kind of red light districts, only some are more famous than the others. I had been to one of the most infamous red light districts in the world: Bangla Street,Phuket in Thailand. That was an earth shattering shock for both of us, we had not seen anything like that nor we intend to repeat it in the future. Our next trip had a milder night life district: The Burgos Street, Manila, Philippines or I would say that we did not witness the 'adult things'. I really did not know what to expect from the sleaze capital of the world.
It had been raining the moment we had stepped out of the airport in the morning. The night was not different either. We had a quick dinner near Dam Square. The dinner was not deliberately quick actually. The staff was so keen in closing down that I had to literally gobble down my half chicken. Too bad :( We should have ate in one of the restaurants in De Wallen Street or De Walletjes. We could have witnessed the nightlife along with our meals.I just detest eating in hurry :(

The restaurant was 90% closed when we left. We took out our umbrellas and started walking towards our next and last destination for the day. When we reached De Wallen Street, all we could see was nicely lit up pubs and blaring music. People could be heard laughing and glasses tinkling. There was no sign of any 'adult activity'. Hubs was ready to go back to the airport. We were tired, drenched and cold. He even said that the night life of Amsterdam was concealed and we won't be able to see it. But I was not ready to give up. I dragged him further and then we spotted a sweet looking couple whom I mastered the courage to ask about the Red light district. The girl said that it was ahead and it was something we could not miss. I dragged my partner further and then what we saw could not be missed!
Since photography was strictly banned, I do not have clear pictorial evidence. Scantily clad voluptuous  females were standing inside glass boxes and luring the passer bys to talk to them. The scene in Amsterdam was very different from Thailand. Then there were adult palaces which offered to fulfil every possible fetish of yours. Live Sex Show was 2 euros for ten minutes and that was the most sought after show. I just tried to absorb whatever was happening around us. Our trip would have been incomplete if we had not come here. After walking around the entire place, we headed to the bus stop to go to the airport.
When we reached the bus stop, we asked for directions as it quite late a night. The regular buses stop and the night buses start. One of the bus drivers got too friendly and offered us a free ride (even though we had an all paid pass for 24 hours ) I was skeptical about accepting his offer as it was so late and dark. Thankfully we reached the airport safely. It was one hell of a day in Amsterdam!

Even posters at the Bus stop are provocative!

Sweatshirt; Romwe
Shorts: Zara
Purse: Victoria's Secret

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