Why mosquito repellant is a necessity?

by - 11/15/2017

Our family is always the most treasured part of our lives. We are possessive and protective of our families. However, when you become a parent or more specifically a mother, the level of trying to protect your kids reaches a whole new level. A mother wants her kids to be safe everytime....from injuries, from bullying, from heartbreaks to bugs and mosquitoes. Being a physician as well as a mom, I am always terrified of my family getting bitten by Anopheles or Aedes mosquito or any other species of mosquito whatsoever. Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria are the biggest threats! Actually they are the only type of deadly insects we need to be terrified of in midst of a metropolitan city. Given the strange kind of environment we have been having in Delhi lately, the population of mosquitoes have reached an all time high.
Dengue season is the deadliest time for families in Delhi. Just the thought of getting bitten by an Aedes mosquito can send a person into febrile stage! Whether its dengue season or not, I always like to protect my family from mosquito bites. For that I resort to different modes of protection. Because I may disinfect my home from these deadly mosquitoes, but what about my daughter's school or the park she plays in? What about those open air community gatherings? What about the late nights at cricket grounds where my husband spends a lot of time? What to do in those places? We mothers and wives especially should be well equipped all the time. Because 'Prevention is always better than Cure'.
For my family I have always relied on Good knight. Its a name that I have heard since I was a little child; as far as I can remember. My mother used to light up those Good knight mosquito coils when I was little. Now its time that I guard my family with the help of this trusted brand.

Good knight believes in protecting us and our family’s happiness. They understand that spending time with our family is the most important thing for anyone, and no one would want to have any external nuisance to mar these happy moments.

Through the help of best mosquito repellents, patches and bands, they wish to be the happiness protector. Understanding the needs of Indian household, especially mothers, has been their key strength. With Good knight, they make lives better as they safeguard each family with the best, safe and effective range of mosquito-repellent products.

Mosquito Repellant Machine: Good knight Activ Plus is one of the most effective systems for warding off mosquitoes at home or office or anywhere where you have electricity. The best part is that you can switch to Active power mode which is 2 times stronger when you want faster action or the number of mosquitoes are more. It provides protection in all corners of the room.

Mosquito Repellent Bands: So you have 'mosquito proofed' your home. But what about your kids when they are playing in the park or at school? Good knight patches are the answer. They are certified safe by paediatricians and provide 8 hrs protection to your kids from mosquitoes. They are 100% natural and you can just stick them on strollers, kid's clothes, pillows, almost anything!

Mosquito Coil: Good knight Coils are the oldest and one of the most trusted ways of warding off mosquitoes since time being. My parents have always used this in our home and now this has become more advanced. Along with 12 hours of protection, it comes with an Active Filter Technology that produces less smoke. Its non electric, hence its much easier to use in particular locations.

So what method do you adopt to protect your family from dengue, chikungunya and malaria? I resort to a combination of all the above. My family is everything for me.

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  1. Children should always be protected by anything that could hurt or in this case cause a health issue. Sweet picture

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