The heart and soul of a car: Its Battery

by - 3/19/2018

Life is unpredictable. It is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, happy and sad moments. Had it been only smooth, there would not have been any excitement! A healthy heart ECG is up and down too...a straight line indicates death. Life is a journey and not a destination. And in order to make the most of that journey, you need the support of strong relationships.

A road trip is very similar to life. It is full of unknown curves and unprecedented traffic jams. Sometimes there may be ditches while at other times you may be cruising at 100 KMPH. Just like life, the requirements of a road trip are pretty similar. You need a good car (of course) which has been serviced recently, its tank full of gas, a stepney, a tool box and a charged battery. The car battery needs to have stamina, strength, and quality for that hassle-free road trip and these qualities are connotative of Amaron batteries.

Over the years, Amaron batteries have been known for their dependence and durable life. They last really long and make your car maintenance absolutely hassle-free. Just like life becomes easier with a dependable partner, an Amaron battery is that solid companion that makes your life calm and road trip hassle free.

I have always loved road trips over flying or taking a train. Being an avid traveller, it is not too rare for me leaving for a far off destination in my car. I am of course confident that my trip would be harmonious as I use the best car battery. I would like to share one such memory from not too long before.

I was on a mission to explore Telangana in my new SUV. I started from Hyderabad to be precise. For the uninitiated, there are lots of hilly roads there. Everything was in perfect condition and I, of course, had the best automotive battery in my car. Since I had started early in the morning, it was quite dark outside, and the headlights had to be switched on.

However since the sun shone and it was bright all over later on, I completely forgot that the headlights were on. They remained on during all the short breaks I took. It was during lunch that I stopped for a longer while. I still did not have any clue that the lights were on and went for a quick nap like that. I took a pretty long break as I was really tired. It was almost dusk when I came out for starting on the road again and then I could not believe my eyes! How could I have left the headlights on? That too for so long? What if my car did not start? Then I would be marooned on that deserted area! There was just that eatery/Dhaba and a couple of its employees. What if I needed assistance with my car?

Fearfully, I turned the ignition on. Deep inside my heart, I had confidence in my Amaron Battery. The car started in one go. I heaved a sigh of relief. I sped my car towards the next city and vowed never to be careless again. However, once again the strength, stamina, and quality of Amaron batteries were reinforced.

We spend so much time in research while buying a car. We ponder on its engine, its mileage, its tyres, and what not. Often we neglect thinking about its battery which is the real heart and soul of a car. A battery is like that unsung hero. Had it not been for Amaron batteries, I would have been in serious trouble. Let's get the best car battery for our beast and depend on its strength and stamina with closed eyes.

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