How to take care of your eyes

by - 3/15/2018

Eyes are the most treasured features of the human body. Remember the iconic question in Miss World 1994 whose terrific answer led to Aishwarya winning the crown? She said that she would donate her eyes to be remembered by the world after her death. Well now I believe that we have more reasons to remember her than just her eyes. LOL

Moving on, we should always take good care of our eyes. Whether you are a studious medico turned physician/blogger like me or a software engineer or a pilot or sportsperson, our eyes are our assets. Its always easier to prevent than to cure. Once you suffer from any eye aliment, then you are bound to suffer setbacks in life. Not every problem has a solution in contact lenses or LASIK surgery. Its important to protect our eyes from glaucoma, cataract, etc etc. Prescription glasses are not an end to the world.
Here I list a few very easy eye care tips for everyday.

1. Wash your eyes with clean water frequently. This flushes out all the dirt.
2. Don't stare at your computer/mobile screen and television for too long. Blink frequently. The more you blink, the more rest your eyes get. Follow the 20 20 rule ie after working for 20 minutes, take a break for 20 seconds.
3. Don't read or do computer work in either too bright or too dim light. 
4. Use anti glare glasses who spend too much time on the computer. You can choose from trendy glasses frames for women as well as men.
5. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and yellow fruits and veggies. If you are non vegetarian, then egg yolk and cod liver oil does wonders.
6. Get an eye check up done regularly.
7. Do not stare at the sun directly.
8. Whenever you step out, put on sunglasses. Especially during driving or walking in the sun. The sunnies should have 100% UV protection and made of good quality frames.
For people who wear glasses, you don't need to be fashionably challenged. There are plenty of cool eyeglasses frames on

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  1. These sunnies are so colorful and chic!! Perfect for all your travels! Love them on you babe <3

    XO, Jessi

  2. Hehe..fashionably challenged...that's a nice coinage :-D

    I have glasses, but I also use contact lens. Depends on the mood and the attire. I'll check out the mentioned site. Thanks for the info... :-)

  3. I love the frame is so chic love wearing color frames is fun to combine with lipstick and wardrobe.