Easy ways to keep fit without exercise

by - 3/18/2018

Summer is my favourite season of the year. It comes as a surprise to many as Delhi summers are unbearable...not to forget that Delhi winters too!! After three months of freezing winters, I welcome the glaring sun with wide open arms. I love going to beaches and all sunny places and deliberately skip the cold, gloomy regions. The only downside of the heat is that you don't get to camouflage your flab. All the tyres and love handles which you had been hiding under the coats come out in the open! As a result people start crash dieting. I often get patients who come to me to lose weight or to combat the bad effects of crash dieting. All said, there are easy methods to lose weight.

I have been a foodie throughout my life. And my love affair for good food is increasing day by day..courtesy all those parties at five star hotels. If I continue eating like this without doing anything, a day would come when I would burst! Well I would never let that happen of course...lest what would happen to my wardrobe? (ha ha) Being a doctor I believe in eating healthy. So what if I am a foodie? I try to have more and more healthy alternatives. Crash diets are absolutely no for me! 
Losing weight is more about choosing the right lifestyle. Eat healthy, work out and stay fit! Exercise is a crucial part of healthy lifestyle. Since I have a crazily hectic schedule, I simply neither have the time nor energy to exercise. I have a predominantly sitting job (physicians and bloggers have to sit all through the day) so I try to incorporate little movements in between my work. I deliberately take the stairs, walk to the market and try to do household chores on a daily basis. Rest of my exercise is provided by my naughty daughter!! When on a holiday, I try to swim and do Yoga in the beautiful scenery around! You can carry inflatable gymnastics mat for some activity!
Now comes the diet part. Being a huge foodie I can't give up food; given the fact that I am trying to lose my baby weight. Instead I have corrected my food habits. I start my day with a glass of warm lemon water with Honey. Its the best way to detoxify your system at the beginning of the day as well as it helps to lose weight! Its an age old tradition. Also honey prevents cough and cold and gives your skin a beautiful glow! Its in the Ayurveda!! Secondly, I try to have natural things. Like I substitute sugar in my diet (coffee or desserts) with honey or jaggery. Believe me honey in yogurt tastes heavenly! I don't take diet drinks which are laden with chemicals and instead prefer the natural ones like juices and mocktails. Whatever I put inside my system I make sure contains no chemicals! I would still stick to the fact that my naughty kid provides 90% of my exercise. I am planning to get her a pink air floor gymnastics for kids air track to divert her from myself. Also pink is her favourite hue.

I have known people who resort to crash diets to lose weight. Remember there are no shortcuts to success. Crash diets may help you lose a couple of kilos but would harm you more in the long run. Body would get deprived of the essential nutrients and your skin and hair would lose its charm. One may gain more weight in the future (as soon as you stop taking crash diet). And those low calorie sweeteners and drinks would eventually damage the kidneys. What's a slim body with a defective system? Well nothing! So instead of having low calorie 'chemicals', opt for naturally healthy things like honey. Its a long and beautiful life, let it remain that way! Air Track Factoryc is an interesting way to incorporate fitness anywhere!

Swimming is my favourite sport

Desserts are my second love after fashion!! (Hubs please ignore this :D)

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