What's the secret to good health?

by - 4/25/2019

Health is a state of physical, mental and emotional well being and not just the absence of disease. This is the definition given by WHO. Now have you ever experienced that inspite of being well (investigations say so) you don't feel your best? This happens with almost everyone. But why so? Have you ever wondered? This is because we don't get cured from within.

Whenever one falls sick, one needs to be treated constitutionally. We all are individuals, having a unique genetic code and behaviour. Then how can we expect the same medicine to treat different constitutions? The solution to this is a holistic approach to health which can be achieved by combination of different modes of treatment. This can be achieved by functional medicine.

Now what is functional medicine?
Functional medicine is medicine by cause, not by symptom. It doesn't treat diseases, but treats the body's ecosystem. They get rid of the bad stuff, put in the good stuff and our body does the rest.

Is functional medicine is easily available in India?
Yes. Through Daivam. Daivam derives its roots from the ancient wisdom of world medicine, backed by modern medicine and is delivered by the power of technology.

What is Daivam?
It is a holistic way of healing that is geared towards reversing disease and returns you to good health. This personalized and integrative health system is called the Daivam Way.

Dr Alok Chopra, a renowned cardiologist for the last 37 years is the pioneer of this field and the medical director of Daivam. Backing him is Dr Manjari Chandra, a distinguished nutritionist and diet consultant who has worked with top notch hospitals of India over 22 years.
Mr Sanjay Sachdeva, the founder and CEO of Daivam is the brain behind this integrated lifestyle approach.

How is Daivam Way different from the conventional way?

The Daivam Way is holistic unlike the conventional way which is atomistic. The former is person centric and preventive while the latter is disease centric and reactive.

What is the approach of Daivam?

Here at Daivam, they follow the 3 C's:

Collect and Analyse
Consultation with specialists
Continuous monitoring

Daivam follows a system of nine pathways that are designed to bring the person back to optimal health and balanced well being. These are:
Nutrition, gut microbiome, inflammation and immunity, detoxification, energy metabolism, hormonal balance, structure integrity, psychospiritual integrity, genome and epigenetics.

So what are the five main causes of disease?
Poor diet, chronic stress, microbes, toxins, allergies.

What are the Twelve ingredients to good health?
Whole fresh foods, nutrients, light, water, air, movement, rhythm, sleep, love, connection, meaning and purpose.

So here at Daivam they go to the roots,  remove the toxins, replace non nutritional food with nutrient rich ones, reinstate your gut and helps repair and restore, bringing the person back to health.

What are the ailments that are addressed at Daivam?
Heart disease, hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction, gut health, autoimmune disease, ageing and longevity, diabetes, cancer, toxicity, obesity, depression, stress and anxiety, sports and degenerative medicine.
So if you are looking to get rid of the root cause of your ailment and come back to health holistically, visit the Daivam centre at 
Daivam wellness private limited
Sector 24, Gurugram

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  1. Holistic methods are clearly the way ahead for overall health and well-being. Nice to know about Daivam and the services it offers to its clients.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  2. Daivam is indeed doing a great job...I am glad you have shared these inputs with us...such an informative post!

  3. A holistic approach to medicine is the best. Because this system addresses the root causes rather than focusing only on symptoms. Daivam seems to be a good concept in this genre.

  4. Wow, this is fantastic. Not just treating the ailment but finding it's root cause and treating that is truly wonderful.

  5. The holistic approach to health sounds great and as it attempts at eliminating the root causes i think it'll be more beneficial over the conventional treatments.