Why cotton blend fabric is good for winter?

by - 4/02/2019

Cotton blend fabric wear are best to keep you warm and in charm during winter months. From toasty scarves to smothering sweaters – cotton blend fabric seems ideal for a winter wear and also as a summer wear. Moreover, such fabric absorbs moisture keeping you warm and doesn’t wear unless there are harsh weather conditions.

Though, no one is ever going to be bothered with the layers of cotton sweaters you’ve worn underneath your t-shirt or shirt. All that matters is how much the fabric keeps you warm without tingling or making you feel suffocated.
Usually different fabrics have radically different properties and hence wrong type of clothing can be a complete turn off or a fashion disaster.
See whether your activity is low and whether your skin sweats normally. If no and if your activity is less, then try opting for cotton fabrics which will not only act as a sweat buffer (if you’re someone who sweats profusely even on winter) so that don’t lose out on insulation.
Usually most of the winter garments like hats, shawls, sweaters and scarves are a combination of fibres like arcylic, nylon, rayon with cotton fibre are quite thinner with great elasticity. But cotton blend fabrics solely are used as a lining for hats, sweaters, caps, making it comfortable against your skin.
But cotton may not be the ideal fabric for winter, as moisture gets trapped in your body. Thus you might feel more freezed and cold during wintery mornings or in a freezing melt-down condition.
In such a case, you can look for cotton-poly-spandex blend that might keep you comfy and snugly. Cross fabrics like cotton-spandex blend or polypropylene blend with cotton, work wonders in keeping you comfy than cotton. Besides the outerwear insulation, cotton thermal underwear seems a better insulation for inner wear too. This two piece can be used as a night sleep wear depending on its length by both women and men. But never choose materials which are 100% cotton. These are not good for your skin during winter.
Usually crisp thicker cotton shirts tend to crease very easily. Though during transitional warmer months, it keeps your silhouette better and smarter during winter months.
Though cotton blend fabric designs fit in the category of sophisticated fashion, it suits the formal environment as an office wear, besides being perfect for every body type.
Even if the temperature is soaring or shivering – cotton blend fabric acts as a not-so-perfect-option but ideal and comfy options among all other alternate winter wear fabrics.

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  1. I wear a lot of cotton blend fabrics as they fall well on the body. I really liked the pictures you have shared here.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  2. I prefer cotton blend fabric in my wardrobe. These are comfortable wear for any eeaweat

  3. *weather (typo in above comment)

  4. I totally prefer cotton fabric. My wardrobe is filled with this fabric because they are perfect for the weather.

  5. Cotton blend fabric is always very comfortable to weather specially in this humid weather. I love wearing them and they look really nice too.

  6. Cotton fabric are in huge trend, they are comfortable and classy, love wearing them

  7. I only wear cotton fabric in winters as I can't wear woollen fabric at all. Cotton is my all time favourite fabric be it any season.

  8. I love cotton blend fabric wear, they are so soft and comfortable on skin. Keeps warm in winters. I have many cotton blend fabric wear.

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