Why should you watch Amala Akkineni's web series debut High Priestess?

by - 4/29/2019

 High Priestess, which released on ZEE5 some days ago, piqued our interest for multiple
reasons. As the title suggested, the biggest of them all is Amala Akkineni who makes her web
series debut with this show. Directed by Pushpa Ignatius, High Priestess is a supernatural
thriller revolving around Swathi Reddy, a tarot card reader and psychic and her strange
experiences with her clients. But makes this Telugu web series stand out among others? Why
should people give it watch right away? Having seen the series, that’s exactly what we’ll try to
address without giving any spoilers.
Reason 1: Amala Akkineni

The web space has been catching a lot of traction amongst the Tollywood people. In the month
of March this year, Lakshmi Manchu and Srinivas Avasarala made their web series debut with
ZEE5’s web series Mrs. Subbulakshmi. However, Amala Akkineni’s presence in the web series
takes the excitement to the next level. That’s because it has been almost 7 years since she
graced the Telugu audience with her spectacular performance. Also, the show sees her pick a
role, unlike anything she’s done before.

Reason 2: Story and Series Format

When one thinks of spirits and supernatural events, one thinks of jump scares and at times even
violence as we’ve seen in Anushka Shetty’s Arundathi or Poorna’s Avunu. But this series has a
different take on supernatural entities and rather comes across as a thriller with high emotional
appeal. This makes it a unique series in the Telugu cine space. In an interview, Amala even
referred to High Priestess as afeel-good show with a slightly twisted approach to the
supernatural. Also, the series revolves around different stories and characters who are all
connected via Amala’s character Swathi. Using a hyperlink narrative further enriches the
narrative and makes High Priestess a wholesome watch.

Reason 3: Other Prominent Cast Names

Along with Amala Akkineni, High Priestess features quite a stellar star cast who are a treat to
watch. There is Kishore, who is a popular actor in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada industries. Then
there is Varalakshmi Sarathkumar who makes her web series debut with this show. Brahmaji
too essays an important role in the series. Last but not least, Tamil actor Krishna of Kazhugu
and Maari 2 fame plays an interesting role and also happens to be the producer of this thrilling

Reason 4: No Language Barriers

As with most ZEE5 original content, High Priestess too has a dubbed release. So while the
series was originally made in Telugu, the dubbed versions help take this exciting supernatural
 tale to a larger audience. As per a quote from producer Krishna, the series is expected to be
dubbed in seven languages. As of now, the series is available to watch in Telugu and Hindi. So
if you are a fan of supernatural thrillers, this show shall give you the thrills you are looking for.
So, those were some of the biggest reasons why you should check out High Priestess on ZEE5.
This is one series that is sure to impress horror and thriller genre fans.

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  1. This sounds like a very interesting show for sure. I do not have a Zee 5 subscription as yet, but I am planning to get one soon.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  2. Though I don't watch TV much, since you recommended will gonna binge watch it.

  3. I miss watching series a lot after becoming mommy. I think I must start with this one.

  4. This one sounds very good. I'll watch this after my exams end 😍 Thank you for the suggestion

  5. Wow thriller web series are always great to watch! I love the edge of the seat drama and this one sounds so kool !!!

  6. I am a sucker for all good TV series.. thriller is something like icing on cake. Let me check this out. Thanks for sharing this, hun!