Are you a beach babe or a pool gal?

by - 3/11/2018

That time of the year is here. Yes...Summers! I know..for us Indians its a bit strange that I love summers. For the people in the West, its understood. For them its the time for weddings and endless soirees. In spite of the scorching sun I have always loved summers. Pool time, flirty sunny dresses, etc etc. I abhor the gloomy, bitter winters of Delhi in which I have to pile up on warm clothing.. Also I have been attracted to summers for a very special reason since childhood. Summers mean vacation! Our schools used to be shut for summer break for one and a half months. My parents used to take me for long trip and I eagerly used to wait for that. Now that school and college is over, this is the time for a grown up getaway.

We have been planning for this trip since we had come back from Greece and Turkey. Its the longest trip of our lives yet and I am super excited! It has one of my dream cities like our last vacation had Santorini (my another dream place).

Since we have booked the tickets, I have been incessantly shopping and planning my outfits. I was endlessly browsing online when I came across an online shopping store, where I found, unique, feminine pieces which are so much my style.

Zaful brings to you unique fashion from independent designers around the world. Any style you may like sexy,elegant,cute etc, you name it, they have it! They are committed to providing original, high quality and exclusive fashion products that you don't want to miss in 2018! 

Here's a few of my favourites which are an absolute must for a vacation.

A girl's swimsuit :  You just can't ignore dressing up your little one!  You both need  to chill on a vacay, don't you?My holiday is incomplete without a good swimsuit for my kiddo. A nice colour and a nice print.  You can find zaful girls swimwear here.

A cover up: No matter where you are headed too, an outerwear is a must. A cover up protects you from too much sunburn and also adds oomph to our look. You can't hop into a restaurant in a two piece right? How cute is this kimono cover up?

A bikini: Summer means pooltime right? What's packing for a vacation without a swimsuit? The brighter, the flirtier, the better! How cute is this scalloped one? It's from the sexy bikini 2018 collection.

A beachthrow: Okay you maybe a backpacker. But a beachthrow is a must! You need to lie down on the sand under the sun on something pretty. Get a purple swimsuit zaful for this cute throw.

So what are you packing in your vacation bag?

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  1. Love all these picks!! I'm definitely a beach babe :) Can't wait for the warmer weather to start!!

    XO, Jessi

  2. I am packing shorts for an upcoming vacation. I can’t wait to hit beaches soon 😊