Book Review: I owed you one by Madhu Vajpayee

by - 3/16/2018

Brief introduction: This is a 258 page book filled with love, suspense and drama. What I thought as a simple love story turned into a twisty plot later on. This novel has been written by Madhu Vajpayee, who is a doctor by profession. Her occupation gets reflected in many parts of the story as she was able to describe those characters' obligations and duties very efficiently and me being a medico too, could resonate with her thoughts. The story is about mother son love, couple love and the repercussions of an extra marital affair set in the backdrop of a serious communal riot.

The plot: The protagonist of the story, Dev Khanna is a chemical engineer by profession settled in Melbourne, Australia. He is one of the wealthiest heirs of India but chooses not to take his father's money. He relocates there after the demise of his beloved mother. He flees from his home country to get rid of the ugly memories of his youth and childhood. His father had an extra marital affair right from the moment he came into this world and hence neither he nor his mother got his love or attention. He is well settled in Melbourne with a fulfilling job and a happy family. Things were going smooth when he suddenly receives a request from the other woman. The person who was responsible for their grief throughout his life. As much as he hates that woman, she played a pivotal role in his mother's last days and he was forever grateful to her. Her daughter had gone missing in the communal riot of f Moradabad and no one could help her. Dev flies back to India to help her hunt her daughter as he was indebted by her generousity years back. However things are not that easy in a communal tension stricken area. The missing girl is a Muslim and hence eyes are raised as to why an overseas settled Hindu guy is struggling to find her.
Events turn bitter and ugglier as the hatred between Hindus and Muslims there cause murders and deaths of innocent people including those related to Dev. Everyone starts blaming Dev for such one death. Even his wife, the love of his life starts questioning his intentions about finding the missing Muslim girl.
Should Dev continue  the search? Why is he risking himself and his every relationship for this girl? What's his motive behind it? Will he able to trace down Zoya or is she already dead? Or Shoud he return to Australia and continue with his peaceful life?

The story is a beautiful and interesting read nonetheless.
What I loved: I particularly love suspense stories and this one does not fail to surprise me. Also a major part of the story is set in Melbourne, where I traveled a couple of months back. The book refreshed my memories.
The writer is a medical graduate from King George Medical College, Lucknow which happens to be my husband's college as well. I have been there too and I tend to connect with every pass out from there, just like my husband.

What I didn't like: The editing is really poor as there are lots and of grammatical mistakes in the narration.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Price: 275 INR

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