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by - 3/29/2018

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl's best friend deciphered the fairer sex too well. And whosoever said that these precious gems are a guy's worst nightmare, knew the macho people even better! Believe me, I have seen and heard about relationships which have crumbled because of the lack of diamonds. Sometimes the boy proposed with a non diamond ring or a smaller gem and the girl said no. Sometimes the guy called off the relationship because he couldn't afford one. And sometimes divorces occurred because the husband couldn't gift his wife the much promised diamond. The reason to all these situations is very simple. The lack of funds.
Since time immemorial, diamonds have been outside the normal buying capacity of a person. If someone was rich, then he looked for bigger diamonds, more intricate designs making it way more expensive than he could afford. And if he belongs to the middle income strata, then these gems are already out with of his reach. So what to do now? Should we curse our lack of funds or start looking for smarter alternatives? Well an intelligent man never accepts defeat.

What if we could cut out the middle man and buy directly from craftsmen and manufacturers? To add to all these pros, what if we could buy from the comfort of our homes and get upto 90% off on retail prices? Well it's not a dream, Jewel on Fire gives us exactly all this.

Why the hell do you have to buy overtly priced jewellery? Because of authenticity? Well then I have a terrific news for you.Not only all the above gains but Jewel on Fire guarantees 100% genuine diamond jewelry at very competitive prices. They have a huge range of designs from various types of rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, etc.
Some of the policies of this website are irresistible.

  • They have 30 day money back quality guarantee. There products are 100% guaranteed.
  • They have free shipping.
  • They have a surprise free gift with every order. Now when you are spending hundreds of dollars on buying something, you definitely deserve a gift!
  • They have a very friendly and prompt customer service.
  • With solitaire diamonds starting from a jaw dropping 100$ (after 70%  discount) you simply need to pop the question!

Here are some designs which are really worth buying.

Engagement and wedding rings: These two occasions are most cherished in a person's life and the jewel attached to these days should equally be special! This pair's retail price is above 2500 USD but you are getting at around 500USD! How freaking cool is that?

Diamond earrings: Whether your girl/ sister/mother is a dangler person or a studs lover, jewel on fire has something for everyone. With genuine diamonds and exquisite designs, these are a keep.
Pendants: One may find a necklace over the top but a diamond or topaz or a sapphire pendant is just right. Take a look at these breathtaking designs and craftsmanship. You simply can't say no!
Now the best part. Jewel on fire is giving my readers an exclusive 25% off on all the designs! How freaking cool is that? Apply Promo Code DOCDIVATRAVELLER on checkout to avail 25% discount on all designs sitewide!

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  1. Wow these pieces are breathtaking!! Thank you for sharing babe <3

    XO, Jessi