Where to find windmills in Holland?

by - 4/30/2018

Ah the archaic windmills!

I have a thing for windmills. No I don't mean the ones at Jaisalmer or Orissa or Nevada for the matter. I mean the archaic ones. The ones which used to be the source of power long before dynamos were invented. Each country has its own style of windmill. I was head over heels with the Greek ones.
Last year when I was teaching my neighbour's kid, I came across a heart warming Dutch story in his English Book. Since the Netherlands are very windy, they used to have a lot of windmills. Each windmill had a name and the villages used to communicate with each other through these windmills during cyclones. The story was about a boy whose parents were out of town. The way how he saved his windmill was a very sweet story. Suddenly I became really fascinated with the Dutch windmills. they were entirely different from the Greek ones. Maybe God had heard my inner prayers and fulfilled my wish. Otherwise Netherlands was squeezed last minute in our trip!
However seeing windmills in the city was out of question. I mean you can't expect them in Amsterdam, do you? Since we were very short on time, it was seeming distant to fulfil this dream of mine. I started researching on where to find them. Luck was on my side. Zaanse Schans, a village is Zaandam district is easily accessible from Amsterdam and has eight working windmills at one place! Jackpot!

The Netherlands are famous for its tulips, cheese, chocolates and of course windmills. In fact they are so proud of their heritage that the tissues served at the KLM flight had windmills and tulips printed on them! Too bad we visited in summers and hence we could not see the hundreds of hectares of tulips. I had visited the two capitals of tulips...Netherlands and Turkey but both in summers :( I have to take care of that next time.
You must have read it here how easily we reached Zaanse Schans. the real adventure began when we started exploring it. It was so beautiful!
Zaanse Schans is an open air museum which does not charge anything to roam around. However if you want to see the working of the windmills, you can go inside them for around 7 euro I guess. Since we were on a race against time, that was out of question.

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  1. I love the windmills, Beautiful pictures

  2. I will take a wheel of gouda beautiful place and amazing images.

  3. Love the fun prints you're wearing, and beautiful pictures! So jealous of all the fun you're having <3

    XO, Jessi

  4. Good that you fulfilled your wish, even though did a short time. I saw some windmills in Amsterdam in the ocean while on the flight from Toronto.

  5. Amazing post you have written.
    Pictures of the post is looking so good.
    ANd the way you described everything that's so great.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Hi, I want to tell you that your writing skills of the blog is so good.
    Keep blogging always.

  7. I loved the beautiful and colorful pictures here. The windmills are quite different from what we find in Jaisalmer and they are good. And I also like the way you styled your hairs. keep having fun!!!

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