The secret to growing your hair longer

by - 4/20/2018

Well it's a no joke that some of us really struggle to grow our hair. Some of us are trying to get longer hair than what we already have while others are trying to counteract the negative effects of a bad haircut. While a very few women on this earth are genetically blessed to have rapidly growing hair, most of us are struggling for length. Being in the hair and skin industry for the past 6 years now, I have discovered some 'secrets' and science which leads to longer hair, faster. So here are they:
Proper Nutrition: Our hair is made of keratin which is a type of protein. Hence in order to grow more hair, you need ample proteins! Generally the daily protein requirement of a body is 0.8 gms per body weight which you can roughly calculate as 1gm per body weight. So indulge in a diet laden with pulses, paneer, fish, chicken and eggs if you are a non vegetarian. Items like salmon and almonds are especially beneficial for healthier hair.
Don't underestimate the power of anti oxidants. Have loads of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The more colour in your plate, the better.
 Exercise: Exercise should be a part of daily lifestyle (just like drinking water and sleeping) Working out makes our heart beating faster and hence pumps blood to all parts of our body more efficiently; giving us glowing skin and healthier hair. Not to forget how effective stress buster it is!
 Proper Hair care routine: You should take proper care of hair and not torture it by over styling and blow drying. Oil your hair regularly. Heat coconut oil slightly before application. In this way it penetrates deeper in to the scalp. Don't wash your hair rubs off all the moisture from hair. Also prefer towel/air dry over blow drying. Go for Hair spas regularly or you can even deep condition your hair at home.

 With all said, there is even a short cut for longer, beautiful extensions! BHF Hair is one such website that offers a gamut of option for elongating your hair. They have free shipping for all items and also have 30 day money back guarantee.
Clip in Hair Extensions: You can opt for different colours according to your preferences or to match your natural hair colour. They have blonde, brunette, red, dark hair, etc etc. These are 100% human hair and very easy to attatch. You can opt for your desired length and the number of clips. These are good clips with silicon insert directly under each claw to ensure a tight grip and prevent slipping. They are super easy to use and even easier to style!
Tape in Hair extensions: These are 100% virgin human hair with lots of styling options. These are fastened by special BHF tape which uses high ranking protein mucus and special hair lock cells design. These hair have natural lustre and you can style them as you want. They don't tangle nor break and have no weight!
So what is your mantra to getting longer hair?

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  1. Its true everything we eat could affect our skin, nails and hair so eating right help have healthy hair great post enjoy your weekend.

  2. Great tips hun! It's so important to maintain a healthy diet! It affects your skin and hair so much!

    XO, Jessi