How do split ends occur? How to prevent them?

by - 4/03/2018

With Delhi summers making an early entry, our skin and hair are in despair. It's almost a nightmare to go out in the sun during the daytime. So what shall we do? Stay indoors throughout the day? Of course that can't be possible! So today I am going to talk about one of the commonest side effects of heat on hair ie split ends.

Scientifically, split hair ends are called Trichoptilosis. I know that sounds real complicated for a very common problem. Split ends are caused by excessive dryness which can result from exposure to the harsh sun, blow drying and styling, mismanaged tangled hair, brushing wet hair and of course lack of essential nutrients in diet. The other minor causes can be not trimming your hair regularly, using blunt scissors to trim, excessive brushing, etc etc.

Now how can this common problem be prevented? Well the answer is pretty simple, by giving ample TLC to your hair. Stop blow drying is summers altogether. I mean the air is already so hot and dry. Let your hair dry itself in the air. Don't towel rub vigorously either. Always use an umbrella when going out in the sun. Also, use a head gear. If you are out on the beach, use a wide brim sun hat. If you are just walking in the Delhi sun, cover your head with a stole. Don't let it loose and tie it in a bun. Make sure you drink ample water and take fresh fruits and vegetables regularly. Go for regular trims. Also use a wide tooth comb. Be gentle with your hair when towel drying or detangling.
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  1. I suffer from Trichoptilosis... mostly during winters. An informative post with gorgeous pictures of yours... :-)