The Dutch Countryside

by - 9/30/2017

I dont know about you but I have grew up reading Enid Blyton books. I had been introduced to reading at a very early stage by my Mom and I had been a voracious reader ever since. Of course my taste and level of books progressed over the course of time. However I had been hooked to Enid Blyton for a very long time. I mean I have read Famous Five and The Secret Seven way till late than I  should have. There was no book of hers in my school library left! What can I do, I was determined to finish them up all!

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A fairytale house..
One of the very reasons I used to love her was the setting of her stories..Yes the English countryside. The lighthouses, the slopped roof homes with fireplaces....etc etc. The English countryside had long been on my bucket list. However visiting the UK won't be very soon. I have lots more interesting places lined up before that!
My childhood paintings used to be like this picture ...of course sans the windmills. A sloping roof house with a tree and lake and grass all over!
When I was researching for Amsterdam, I was smitten by the pictures of the Dutch countryside. They looked simply out of the pages of a fairytale book. So I coaxed my travel planner to include a short excursion to the countryside. Since we were very, very short on time, we tried to squeeze the district nearest to Amsterdam, Zaandam. Our first very stop in Netherlands after was Zaanse Schans and the Dutch countryside impressed us more than we could have imagined! It was even more beautiful than what I had seen in the pictures!
Beautiful gardens.
After arriving in Zaanse Schans, we walked all over the meadows. We saw the windmills and breathed the chilly air. Then we saw the houses. Ah! The quaint houses! They were red or green coloured with slopping roofs and chimneys. I still don't believe my eyes that people actually live in them. Every house had a pretty flower garden in front of them. These houses looked as if they were part of some exhibition! 

Look at the cute wheel barrow!
I bought a porcelain windmill souvenir for 5 euros! 
Stopping at a cute restaurant for a cuppa
I had told you about the gorgeous wooden houses!

Look at the curtains of the windows!
The Dutch settlement on the other side of the lake..
It was rainy and windy so we could not take as pictures as we would have liked. However I treasure the ones we took! I feel we have not done justice to our trip to Holland. I would definitely love to come back here (not that we have the money to go for repeat travels but would still like to think of a possibility)
All set to take the bus back to the city
The Amsterdam Centraal station was quite big!
I have pledged to click photos with these Hop On Hop Off buses in every possible city in the world!
The area of canal cruises..
Contemplating whether to take the canal cruise or not!
We then took the bus back to Amsterdam Centraal. We walked around the canals contemplating on whether to take the canal cruise or not. More on that in the next post. The countryside remains my most favourite part of our Dutch trip.

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  1. Wow this place its amazing and the houses behind you so cute great pictures

  2. such a cute town! love this!!

    XO, Jessi

  3. Valuable information and splendid images..! Thank you.