What is the ideal treatment for dry or damaged hair?

by - 6/21/2018

In my last post I talked about getting nail extensions done at clinic Calee. Well my pampering didn't end there. I also went for a hair treatment for my parched tresses. I opted for Calee Root Re Gen and that gave life to my hair back.
First the technician started applying oil to my scalp with a swab of cotton. Then she started head massage so that the oil would get absorbed into the scalp. She gave a really good massage! About for 15 minutes and I was absolutely relaxed!
Then it was time to wash my hair. After  my tresses were given a nice rinse, my hair was towel dried and then it was time to apply the root gen product. The technician applied it on my scalp with the help of a dropper. After that my scalp was left to absorb it for 15 minutes. The drier your hair, longer the duration.
After that my hair was semi dried with a blow dryer.

I was left with soft and smooth hair.

What I loved about the treatment:

My hair not only felt soft and smooth but stronger from within.
The head massage was the best part of the treatment. I haven't felt this relaxed in ages.
The hair therapist is a female which is really rare. I felt very comfortable with her.

What I loved about Clinic Calee:

The technicians are extremely professional. They are very well mannered as well as knowledgeable.
The ambiance. Everything from the hair spa chair to the hair wash basin was absolutely clean. The interiors are inviting and very beautifully done.
Their signature Calee drink is a concoction of healthy ingredients like cucumber, lemon, ginger, spinach, etc. It's one of the most delicious health drinks I had ever tasted!
Located in the posh sector 18, Noida, it's very easily accessible through metro.
Looking forward to getting more services done from here again.

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  1. Ooh def need to try this! Thanks for sharing love!

    XO, Jessi