Gaming Vegas: A heaven for kids!

by - 6/22/2018

Children are no doubt the light of our lives. But this light becomes overtly glaring when stared at for a long time! Pun intended. What I mean is that we all love our children. But long vacations become a nightmare for us parents. It's nothing to feel ashamed of. It happens with every parent. Kids need entertainment and that's why they become cranky when they are home bound for a long time. Now the vital question is ... where to take the kids out for entertainment/fun learning?
Recently I went to Gaming Vegas with my daughter and we both loved the experience! Situated in Logix City Centre mall, it is very easily accessible. The best part about Gaming Vegas is that it has something or the other for every age group! From toddler to adults, there are a plethora of games to play at Gaming Vegas. And the staff there would guide you as to which game is perfect for your kid.

Since my daughter is just four, I straightaway went to the kid's zone. My daughter was thrilled!
There is a cute little bowling alley for small kids. We played one round. Then there is a small ice hockey table too. We played there at least 4 times! She loved it as much as her mom! She also rode in cars, plane and other vehicles. We beat drums and caught fish digitally! She was in no mood to go back.
We were hungry after all these activities and so we headed to the Food court. There almost every food item is available. We had a mini burger platter and garlic bread. That was not the end of our fun. We also took home two cute erasers from the tickets we collected from the games we played!
My daughter already wants to go there again!
The entrance fees starts from 1000INR in which 930 can be used. These can be used at various play counters. And you can always recharge your card when you run out of money!

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  1. Long vacations are indeed like nightmares :-D It seems both of you have enjoyed a lot at Gaming Vegas. The little one's pics are too cute and you are looking gorgeous as always... :-)

  2. Beautiful location, for the kids