Easy ways to fight skin ageing with NEUD Carrot Repair Cream

by - 10/23/2021

Ageing is a natural process but we all want to defy it. Be it our face or our strength, hair or our body, fighting ageing can quite be a task. However there is so much beauty in ageing gracefully. Those who want to go for radical procedures like plastic surgery and tummy tucking can do whatever they  believe in but I feel that it was God's choice to age us, so we should respect his process and embrace it. Ageing gracefully means taking care of our bodies and living a happy and healthy life. It doesn't mean a life full of wrinkles but a curation of habits that are uplifting both for our body and soul. 

So what are the signs of ageing? 

If we talk of the face and neck, the main signs are wrinkles: can be in the form of crow's feet, laugh lines, frown lines, folds in the neck, etc. Then dark spots: these are the earliest signs of ageing. Premature dark spots appear when the skin is not protected from the sun.

Dullness: Of course when you don't take care of your skin, it turns lifeless and dull with age. 

Uneven skin tone: This is really irritating to look at. And then open pores and dryness. Of course, when you don't pamper your skin enough, it's bound to be dry. Lack of hydration is the commonest sign of ageing. 

So how can ageing of skin be delayed? 

*Drink at least 3 litres of water everyday. 

*Avoid alcohol and sodas and quit smoking

*Nutritious diet everyday consisting of ample raw and coloured fruits and vegetables. I ask my patients to have one carrot everyday as it's loaded with anti oxidants. 

*Use a religious skin care regimen that's rice in Vitamin A Or Retinol. That's why I rely on the NEUD Carrot Seed Repair Cream. 

As I mentioned earlier, carrots are rich in carotenoid which is a precursor of retinol or active Vitamin A. NEUD Carrot Seed Repair cream is enriched with alpha, beta and gamma carotenes, carotenoids and Vitamin A which are essential for healthy skin. These ingredients are potent antioxidants that prevent skin cell damage caused by free radicals, ultra violet radiation and pollution. As a result, it gives the skin a youthful glow. 

NEUD carrot repair cream has been found to prevent wrinkles visibly. Not only this but the oleic acid and geraniol in carrot seeds soothe skin inflammation and prevent enzymes that cause dermatitis. 

It is naturally pH balanced. And is suitable for both men and women. 

Packaging: This premium cream comes in an elegant box and the cream container is great too. 

Fragrance and Texture: It smells lovely and is non sticky. 

Price: 800 INR for 50 gms

Verdict: 5/5 

In short, it's a great cream suitable for everyday use and leaves you looking young and glowing. Love the cute packaging. Highly recommend it.

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