Shopping for vacation

by - 10/13/2021

 How much attention do you pay to a man's wardrobe? Well I definitely feel so. The apparel market is overflowing with women's and kids' outfits. When was the last time you bought something formal/expensive for your husband/ brother/ father or any man in your life? With working from home the new norm, they have even stopped dressing up in office wear.

Do you shop every time you plan for a vacation? Well I don't need to for myself as I am always stocked. But someone else does. My husband really does not have any interest in buying clothes. Mostly because I am in charge of the fashion department of the family and partly because he's at the hospital for more than 15 hours a day wearing his scrub or Operation theatre costume (as people would say). So when we just booked a trip to the beach after 2 years, we both really knew that he had to replenish his dwindling wardrobe.

After surfing my favourite marketplace ie the internet, I came across Soinyou which really is the one stop shop for all kinds of menswear. I have planned a few photoshoots on our vacation (after all we are travelling after such a long period) and I would love to dress him up in men's vintage clothing.

I am getting few sweaters for him as we are travelling in the month of December. Though it's a tropical paradise, it can get really chilly at night. I want few for travelling from the freezing winters of Delhi and to beat the evening chill in style.

Whenever you go to a place with unpredictable weather, you should dress up in layers. This holds true not only for dressing up children but for men and women alike. While piling up, make sure each layer is 'presentable' so that when you peel of the top layer, you are not left embarrassed. I love the spunk that is emitted by young men's outerwear. Few jackets (denim, corduroy, canvas) and coats (from blazers to shearling jackets) all these are essentials in a man's wardrobe.

So gals and guys, which is your favourite form of men's wear? Let me know!

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  1. I would really love to have that sweater and white jacket!