Majorda beach

by - 7/24/2015

It was our second stop of our beach hopping tour. About four kms from Arossim, we reached Majorda beach in a jiffy.I had known Majorda beach right from childhood. A big resort, majorda Beach resort used to advertise on television a decade back. So when I was saw it on the way, I was very happy!! Lunch was scheduled here and so was swimming.

Contrary to Arossim, this was a crowded beach. And as usual, filled with Russian tourists. For a change, I ditched sea food and decided to give hubby company in eating vegetarian food. One thing on which we both agree is Paneer ( cottage cheese). So we settled for kadai paneer and fried rice.

Ideally one should swim before a meal. Or wait for an hour after devouring. We had our tummies full and it was 12 noon. The sun was shining in its full glory. There was no way we should have swam. My impulsive partner wanted to jump into the sea right after he finished his last piece on his plate. I was able to calm him down and suggested we could relax on the sunbed.

Stomach full, cool breeze, sound of the waves, I was off to sleep within no time. When I woke up, it was afternoon. WE had so much to cover next and were running late. I jumped from the sunbed and ran towards the sea. Hubby was already in his trunk. He never sleeps in the daytime.

The water was warm and gorgeous. After swimming for half and hour, it was time to leave. I was in no mood but a tight schedule demands discipline for compliance!! So bye bye Majorda beach!! 

Finally got to see Majorda Beach Resort which I knew since childhood!!

Pretty and bright yellow fences..

Ditching sea food and giving hubby company in eating vegetarian...kadai paneer (cottage cheese) and fried rice..

It was finger licking yummilicious...

Recharged after a nap, playing with camera...

Top : Promod
Shorts: Zara
Sunnies :Aldo
Sandals: Ritu Wears

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  1. That's a beautiful beach :)

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  2. Looks like great fun at a beautiful beach!

  3. Wish I were at the beach right now. So glad you guys had fun. The food looks super delicious. Love your top and shorts. Happy Monday Mandira!!


  4. Beautiful pictures. Looks like so much fun.
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  5. Beautiful pics doc :) You guys look lovely together :)