Arossim beach...

by - 7/06/2015

This day was kept for beach hopping. Yes...if island hopping is possible, why not beach hopping ;) ? The South Goa beaches were on our bucket list. Since we were staying in Calangute, North Goa, South was quite far. The first prominent Southern beach was Arossim and was around 45 kms far. WE took two breaks on the way to straighten our spine. Riding a bike on National highway 17 is not a joke especially when it connects big cities like Mumbai and Mangalore! All the traffic was zooming past by. Our eyes were set firmly on the road. 

WE must be riding at around 60 kmph when suddenly there was a loud clink. Before I realised and could tell hubby to stop, we were already a kilometre away. My chunky gold forever21 bracelet had slipped off my wrist. Husband started scolding me. He accused me for dressing inappropriately. According to him, pillion riders should have minimum accessories. Anyways I started begging him to go back to hunt for it. There wasn't any guarantee that I would find it but was worth a try. It was not only expensive, but my favourite too. Hubby was very reluctant. He said our lives could be in danger while taking a U turn on the national highway. After going back for a kilometer, I spotted it lying on the corner of the road. Yipee. But there were so many vehicles that there was hardly any chance we could cross the road. After waiting for a while and praying to God vehemently for our safety, we could cross the wide road. I jumped from the bike and picked it up. It was bruised and dented from the shock, but I got it back nonetheless. I swear never to wear such jewelry in future while bike riding.

On the way to Arossim came the Cansaulim Railway station. Railway tracks have always fascinated me and we stopped for photos. After that it was straight to the beach.

Arossim beach is solely for the rich. There are no budget hotels but only expensive villas. Its a secluded, beautiful beach with silvery white sands. Not a third Indian could be seen other than us. The foreign tourists prefer to come here to enjoy some privacy. Contrary to the Nothern beaches where Russians and East Europeans dominate, this place had British and American tourists. We even made friends withan elerly Welsh couple.We had a delicious breakfast of crispy chilli garlic prawns( I could have them everyday). After that we swam and collected shells. We collected star fish too!!
 Then it was time to leave the cover the rest of the Southern beaches. Our motorbike got stuck in the fine sand and the shack owner helped us in dragging it out. It was only 10 in the morning and we had already learnt two bike lessons....never accessorize, always park your bike outside the beach!!  

Two over enthusiastic explorers..
A lavish Goan villa...
taking break to click pictures..

Tall grasses at the Cansaulim station..

Gorgeous breakfast...crispy chilli garlic prawns..I could have them everyday!!

Fresh catch from the sea...from left: red snapper,shark fish, king fish, sea bass and pompfret.

Top : Zara
Shorts: Zara
Sandals: Ritu wears
Accessories: Forever21
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. You guys are the most fun and cute couple in the blogging world.

  2. You and your husband look very nice together!
    So big fishes caught!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  3. nice pictures

  4. Beautiful have really made the most of the trip... :-)

  5. Have been to goa so may times, never visited arossim beach, surely nxt time.