The number eleven

by - 7/15/2014

As I said in my last post, our daughter turned four months last Friday. Well that's not it. That day was our engagement anniversary too. Yes, on 11 July 2010, I got engaged. For the past three years, this day was not that special to us. Hubby is bad with dates; as most men are. So he never remembered to wish me. I, the cleverer one used to wish him five minutes before the day ended to establish my supremacy and of course make him feel guilty for not remembering...he he :D. I used to think that on this day I was tricked into matrimony and trapped for life (winking) . However, this year was different.

I think there is a thing with the number eleven. My life with him started on 11july, we got married in the year 2011 and then the most precious thing came to our lives on 11march!! It may be a coincidence but this year I decided that we should start celebrating this day too!! Not only our daughter turned four months, but also its been four years that we got engaged!! But like every year, he completely forgot. As a ritual I wished him five minutes before midnight and gave him a good lecture about how casual he is with pampering his wife. Guilty, he promised to take me out for celebration on Sunday. Elated, I called up Mom to book her for baby sitting. If you read my blog, you would be knowing that I had a bitter fight with her. Well I had called truce for my own selfish reasons.

On Saturday we went for shopping with our daughter. As a result, hubby had to cancel all his patient appointments in the evening. Consequently, his black book got filled for Sunday morning. When we returned home late on Saturday night, we were dead tired. Hubby went to sleep early while I had to take care of the household chores and baby woes. I was tired too..even if I have not been going to clinic these days. Taking care of the baby itself is a big job.

As Sunday started, hubby left for hospital for the pending appointments. My Mom came and I tried to wrap up the household work asap. Yes, we were going out. By the time hubby came back in the afternoon, he was dead tired. His eyes were pleading that please let me sleep and not go out. Come on, I was tired too but I refused to budge. By the time he got the strength to move, It started raining. Delhi had been rain starved since two months. And Sunday's downpour made us feel that its the compensation for the past two months. It rained so violently that there was water logging everywhere. I sat in dismay on the windowsill. Maybe God didnot want us to celebrate our engagement anniversary.

I whipped up a quick lunch and was upset to the core. However, by the time we finished eating, the volume of water pouring had declined. This amount of rain could be braved. So again I got dressed; but this time with less effort as I hate getting redressed. I dragged hubby off the couch, said goodbye to mom and my baby and left for the date. yes, the evening was worth every pain I took!!

Hard to believe that its four years already!!

the cutest Italian restaurant to have a meal!!

yes krispy kreme...I love you...
Hubby got me funny it may sound, I am crazy over balloons!!

stopping by for some sandwiches...

coloured buildings....In love with this place!!

Delhi heat had calmed down after a downpour...

It was a doughnutty day...first Krispy Kreme now dunkins...blood sugar had risen substantially :D

I just want this car!!!

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  1. This place is super have some positive vibe...such a lively place..
    And yes man will be man always ;)

  2. You look very pretty now about that car is awesome.

  3. 11 is definitely your number. You make the cutest couple :) Congratulations!!

  4. wow, stunning pics!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  5. Lovely pictures! I love your shirt!

  6. July 11th sounds like a wonderful day in your family! So many congratulations!!

  7. Great photos! I love your blue capris.

  8. Nice couple & very nice blog.
    Durgadatt Pandey Artist & illustrator

  9. WOW..this is such a beautiful place..n i love what u wearing.
    M surprised u r back in shape so soon.


  10. Oh you had a perfect sunday!
    Congratz zbtw :-) God bless...

  11. Lucky number 11!! Congrats on your 4 years engagement anniversary!! I'm glad you could celebrate it properly. You look amazing. Have a happy Saturday!!

    xx Mira