Jalaj Mahal

by - 7/19/2014

In our last trip when we visited the fort palace in Alwar, we stayed at the Jalaj mahal. Jalaj comes from the word jal plus aj which means born in water. Well there are a lot of things which are born in water but Jalaj specifically means lotus. 

There is no specific reason why our tiny suite had been named Jalaj; but in order to live upto its name, the curtains had lotus print and there were various paintings of lotus all around.

As we entered the fort palace, we were mesemerised by the greenery all around. In the peak of summers that too in the parched land of Rajasthan, how can so much greenery be maintained?
I kill my money plants in my bedroom during the summers. No matter how mush effort is put into their well being, they end up withered and me heartbroken. Anyways, as we climbed uphill, (the fort is on the Aravallis) we could see the Alwar village on one side, the Aravallis and the fort on the other side. I will get to the details of the fort later as this post is for our cute little suite. 

The suite had a tiny lobby at the entrance. There were two tiny bedrooms, the second one even tinier!! There were two cute little beds. The bathroom was cool with one off the walls being formed by the Aravalli hill. There was a tiny balcony too which overlooked the medieval water body. There was no mini bar or television but it was an enchanting experience. The best part of the room was a vintage dresser which I badly want for myself!! 

the lovely patio outside our mahal....

no jalaj (lotus) here but water lilies...
lovely breeze in the balcony...

one of the cute tiny bedrooms...

the tiny lobby at the entrance...

lotus(jalaj)  printed curtains...

the other tinier bedroom...

getting ready for datenight...

I want this vintage dresser for my home!!

Maroon dress:Zara

Mint dress:Old Navy
Gold Clutch:Aldo

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  1. Nice place lovely outfit look stunning on you.

  2. great pictures! I love the red dress!

  3. Hi babe, the red dress looks amazing on you.
    So beautiful photos
    The Indian Savage Diary Fashion blog

  4. Omg both dresses look marvelous. Esp. love the red one. I don't have luck with my plants too. I have killed every single one I ever owned :D
    Have a happy Monday pretty!

    xx Mira


  5. Great post and pics! You look gorgeous


  6. I liked the red dress you were wearing and the hat!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  7. I just loved that balcony and the picture of you getting ready :)

  8. I loved the vintage dresser too.
    Gorgeous place..n look at u...!
    Who wud believe ..u delivered a baby few months ago...phenomenal.