Baby's day out...

by - 7/11/2014

My daughter turned 4 months today. Well time really flies!! Having an infant or even being heavily pregnant could not curb my penchant for wandering!! But carrying around a new born is a torture both for the baby as well as the parents. So until yesterday, I used handover my daughter to my mom and used to roam around freely. But last week I had a bitter fight with my Mom ( that keeps on happening but this time a bit more serious). So the ego in me refused to seek Mommy's help :p So I decided to take her out for her first excursion.

Its very unusual for me to go out on weekdays. My husband's crazy schedule allows us to go out only on Sundays. For the weekdays, I have my loyal friends!! However last Sunday, hubby left for hospital early in the morning and came back after 9 at night. I was furious. Okay I get that I am not svelte and pretty as I used to be ha ha but still I deserve this surgeon's time and attention!! :D 

So yesterday, surprisingly he came home in the afternoon!! He not only bunked hospital, but also got a pretty dress for me. That's an entire different story that the dress did not fit me. My husband needs to stop being in denial and accept the fact that I am much larger now :D He then announced that we are going out and for a change with our daughter :D He did not have the courage to ask my mom to babysit..he he :D

So we set out for Sanjay Lake, a lake in Delhi which I have not been before. This lake has been named after late Sanjay Gandhi. This place is in East Delhi in a not so good locality. But that hardly mattered and therefore I covered up my legs.

In order to escape the blazing sun, we reached there after half past six, and after a while, the sun was almost about to set. Its been ages that I had witnessed sunset in this city and it was a luxury to watch the sun go down on the lake. We walked aroud the entire periphery of the lake; our baby in the pram. Even she was surprised to find herself in such a green area!! My feet hurt me badly courtsey my new neon wedges. Anyways, anything for travelling!!

Travelling with a baby comes with myriads of difficulties....I know every Mom will agree with me. And about 90% of the difficulties have to be faced by the mother herself. Well 90% of the unconditional love of the baby goes to the mom too :D I enjoyed every bit of roaming around with my baby and hope this is just the starting of the thousands of miles we dream to conquer!!

yellow laburnums and lush greens...daughter totally unaware of getting clicked :D

we had to cross the lake by this bridge...

this hanging bridge was swaying to and fro...

sunset on the lake...

witnessing sunset in Delhi after God knows how many years....

back to childhood...hubby throwing stones and watching the ripples...

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  1. Nice pics dear!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  2. She is so beautiful!! Great pictures!

  3. aaaw♥ your daughter is so cute!:) lovely post!

  4. Cool images pretty baby.

  5. Aww very cute this pics!!

  6. Nice pics...I remember we had gone for long drive when my baby was 2 n half month..... :)

  7. Awesome pics. You look so stylin' pushing that stroller. I hope to look hip when I am a mom.

  8. Beautiful pics but looks like more of a mom's day out!!! ;)

  9. aww beautiful post

  10. You look beautiful. Love your new wedges. Don' t blame your hubby! To him you look perfect and as long as the dresses are not too big it's fine! Glad you three had a lovely time together. Have a happy Monday pretty!

    xx Mira

  11. Cute pictures. I love your neon purse!

  12. I think that taking the baby was the right call :) I hope everything gets better between you and your mom, though!

  13. Love this! Looks like so much fun and your shoes are too cute!
    Giveaway!| With A City Dream

  14. Very nice,attractive and cute pictures.You are a beautiful lady.Your daughter is also cute.