in love with DUBAI...

by - 8/13/2013

Its been almost a year that I am back from the NY of middle east... Dubai. But its memories are still fresh and new; in fact I just could not get enough of this place!! We were in Dubai for four days...four days seem enough for exploring a single city, but in this case it was not!!
There are so many things to do in Dubai that one may never get bored no matter how much time you spend here. And no matter how much money you carry, you are always going to fall short!! There are myriads of options to splurge in Dubai. From seven star hotels to gold jewellery to sky diving et al, there are so many novel things to experience, that you would always keep asking for more.

The best thing about this city is its cosmopolitan nature. There are so many expats here that you will never feel alienated. Dubai is one of the very rare 'broad minded' cities in the middle east. It is safe, friendly and above all you can wear anything you like!! In fact its very forward when it comes to fashion. All the world renowned designers have their showroom here. This city is the epitome of luxury!!

Enough said, I would love to describe more of my experiences and this city's fabulousness  in my later posts. As I said, its the home of gold jewellery. Arabic gold is considered to be the purest of gold found in the world. Moreover their designs are exiquite. 'Souk' as a market place is called in Arabic, there are gold souks here.Be prepared to be dazzled by the radiance of the jewels!! you would see kilos and kilos of yellow gold ornaments on display!!
For today's post, I am sharing with you the Gold souk of Dubai mall(the largest mall in the world) . The mall is divided into several sections; well that is another story which i will share later. As of now, I hope you all enjoy seeing the pictures as i did clicking them. :)

the impressive skyline in the background...

this is why I love Dubai does not look like a mall at all!!

the path to the Souk al bahar...

different structures that make this place so beautiful...

those are apartments in the background....

the entry to the soul inside the mall..hubby looks awkward in this pic; mom(read our photographer) made him stand like this :p

a huge arabic flower vase...

fooling around...

the main hall of the souk...

with my sweet mom..also the sponsor of this trip :D
Travel tips:
1.If you are a shopaholic, donot forget to carry loads of cash/traveller cheques/credit card!! 

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  1. Wonderful place and pics!!

  2. Ohh, so beautiful! I hope I can visit Dubai someday.

  3. YOu always visit amazing places!! So lucky :)

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  7. wish to be there too

  8. Dubai looks like such a great place! Would love to visit it!!

  9. oh I'd love to visit Dubai one day!:) the place looks so luxorious!♥

  10. Dubai is on my must-visit list. I've always wanted to go!

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  12. suck nice pictures from Dubai! it looks great!

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  14. Beautiful pictures Mandira! You look very pretty! Love your mom's Sari too! :]

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  19. Cool pictures, I really like what your mom is wearing (:


  20. What a totally incredible trip! I am so amazed at the beautiful buildings! You look amazing! I love your dress and hat!


  21. Wow looks amazing, I wanna go there too.

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