the birthday of Lord Krishna...

by - 8/30/2013

Yesterday was Janmashtami.. ie the birthday of Lord Krishna.The reason that I am coming up with this post today and not yesterday because the whole ceremony takes place at midnight...when the clock strikes 12. Right from my childhood, this day has held a special significance in my life. I spent my formative years in mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna and hence I have been very well acquainted with this ceremony right from childhood. In Mathura (where Krishna was born) and Gokul and Vrindavan (where he grew up), Janmashtami is an enormous festival. Begins with a month long 'sawan ka mela' which is a huge kind of carnival in its own way. The temple which was near our school used to conduct cultural programmes and lots of contests which I actively used to take part. I do miss those good old days terribly but I believe in making lemonade out of lemons. So when our apartments decided to celebrate janmashtami, I jumped with joy!!

The afternoon started with all the females gathering for 'keertan' which lasted for about 4hours. Then we all assembled at around 9 at night. We cut up fruits for the offerings, gave a bath to Lord Krishna , made him swing in his palna(cradle) and finally the concluding puja at midnight. My hubby was busy in the hospital as usual, so my pictures of this day are not upto my satisfaction :) After my Mom, he is my only and most trusted photographer :D Missed him terribly!! :D

me swinging Lord Krishna...sorry for the low lighting :D

Lord Krishna in his swing...

garlands and sugar...
females chopping up fruits for the offerings...

me doing Arti...

the school where I teach yoga celebrated janmashtami the day before. here the kids are dressed up as little krishna and his girlfriend Radha...

a kid dressed up as little krishna eating butter...

poster made by the students...

the puja at school yesterday...

me swinging in the 'jhoola' originally meant for krishna and his lover Radha :)

a poster made by the children...

 Those carnivals evoked memories of a recent carnival I attended... It was so much fun!!

reminds me of my childhood!!

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  1. Beautiful post Mandira..very well written. m sad ur hubby wasnt around..or the pics wud have been excellent. but nonetheless..this is not bad either.

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  2. Excellent post, Mandira! It's just great to get to know more about your life... I'm so happy to find your blog :) It's really very very nice.

    Thank you

  3. Beautiful post! Your blog is very nice :) I'm following you :*

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  4. Lovely photos!!

  5. That's truly amazing darlin, I really like your pics and this celebration!


  6. Happy birthday to the beautiful Krishna!! TODAY OUTFIT WITH ASIMETRIC DRESS ON MY BLOG! I INVITE YOU TO VISIT ME! Kisses! ♥ ♥

  7. Fascinating culture!I'd like to visit these enchanted places.
    The diary of a fashion apprentice

  8. Great post dear, thank you for sharing your culture, fascinating!
    About women and not only Blog

  9. I love janmashtami :) And loved the way you celebrated it!

  10. I love your dress, the picture with the children are amazing

  11. r lovely...nice dress dear
    following you now..

    my recent one :

  12. The photos are marvelous. I have never witnessed ceromony like this before. Too bad your hubby wasn't there.

    xx Mira

  13. Excellent post! all the pictures looking beautiful. and nice artwork of student....

  14. Bellissime foto! Bellissimo post è sempre bello conoscere nuove culture

  15. Preciosa celebración!!!
    Un beso!

  16. Wonderful pictures and story Mandira!! Love children's costumes! :} So cute!! And your red and white dress is very nice!:]

  17. Wow....there are many beautiful colors in these pictures......amazing post!!!!
    This cultural event is special
    kisse from Italy :)