journey called life...

by - 4/07/2013

father augustine said "a person who has never travelled has just read the cover of the book".

well i totally agree with him. I have been an avid traveller right from childhood, thanks to my mother for that. And now when i am older and married , i am much more independent regarding my schedule. Though i have been quite late while starting my own blog, but its always better to be late than never!!! I hope am able to help my fellow travel enthusiasts by providing them an interesting read as well as guide!!!

i recently came back from a fascinating trip of philippines...the land of active volcanoes. heres a sneek peek of my journey...

after a two hour busride from manila, we finally reached oliverez, from where we were supposed to get the boat to taal lake. since we left our hotel at five in the morning, we headed straight for mcd to energise ourselves before the tough trek to the volcano.

my hubby struggled to find food veggie food in philippines...just hash browns for him. i being a foodie had a blast

now this is the iconic habal habal or a pedicab by which we had a half hour bumpy ride downhill. as interesting as it may sound, believe me it was scary :-D

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  1. its a great honor to be a companion in the journey of your life :) m loving it