When should Woodward gripe water be given to infants?

by - 3/04/2022

When you are a new parent, your entire world revolves around your baby. If your baby is happy and healthy, so are you and vice versa. Babies cry, but as a new parent, it becomes increasingly difficult to elicit the reasons for the same. Here I am enumerating the major reasons for their upset state.

1. Hunger:

Hunger is the commonest cause for a wailing baby. Initially, the infantile stomach has a capacity of 30 ml only, so the milk/baby meal gets digested pretty quickly. They need to be fed in small portions frequently. Also since crying is their only means to communicate, they scream till they are fed.

2. Baby is wet:

This is God's way to let the mother know that the baby needs to be changed. Whether it's a wet diaper or a peed pant, baby starts crying from the dampness. We should always check for that.

3. Baby is sick:

Now this is a very serious reason. Visible signs like fever or redness mean that medical help is needed. There may be unapparent signs too like an ear infection can't be diagnosed by the mother. The baby needs medical help.

4. Infantile colic

Babies suffer from indigestion and flatulence from time to time which result in pain in abdomen.  Often we notice that the baby stops weeping as soon as flatus is passed. Now what exactly is infantile colic?

The term 'colic' is used when a baby cries for more than 3 hours a day without any apparent reason. Indigestion and flatulence affects babies to that point of extent that they are miserable.

Now how to treat colic?

  • Always burp after a meal.

  • Whether you are breastfeeding your baby or top feeding, it's mandatory to burp before putting them down so that all the ingested air is expelled and doesn't trouble their tiny stomach.

  • The easiest and safest way to do so is to give gripe water. I have been using Woodwards Gripe water since I gave birth to my elder daughter. It worked magically for her and I have been giving it to my little one too.

So how does Woodward’s gripe water work?

Woodward’s gripe water is very effective in flatulence, acidity, indigestion and constipation.

It is an Ayurvedic formulation contains sarjikakshara, fennel, dill seed oil, liquorice, etc all the ingredients that help relieve hyperacidity and indigestion. These things help reduce the inflammation of gastric mucosa and the baby feels relieved. Sarjikakshara is sodium bicarbonate which is a known antacid.

So how does it aid in constipation?

It also contains maltitol and propylene glycol (polyols) which are known to increase peristalsis ie motion of the gastrointestinal tract. Polyols are known to have a laxative effect and that is how gripe water is able to give relief in constipation.

Woodward’s gripe water is completely free from alcohol and can be given to infants; right from the first week. It is completely safe and effective whether the child is irritable due to teething or constipation.

Proper nutrition is mandatory for proper growth of the child and for that the digestive process has to be smooth. Woodward’s gripe water aids in digestion and hence not only the child stops crying, but also senses hunger (because of digestion) and feeds well.

I will continue to use gripe water till my little one turns three. What about you mommies?

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  1. Forwarding this post to all our friends who are new parents. They would surely find it useful. Meanwhile I was administered gripe water as a baby. So I am told. This must be a classic remedy.

  2. Yes, we need to find the right reason for baby uneasiness. I too had Gripe water and given to my kids too, can swear by it any day.

  3. Yes, I have heard about gripe water effectiveness.
    You have explained it very nicely which will make new parent life easy.