How to brighten your lips?

by - 3/09/2020

Whether you are a boy or a girl, lips are precious. I know, the foremost instrument in expressing our love..whether it's our better half or our bundle of joy, beautiful, soft and pink lips are a gift. However like every other body part, our lips also need TLC and by that I don't just mean fancy lip colors and balms. These, in fact, conceal the flaws but to bring out the best, we need to follow a lip ritual.

Why do our lips get darkened?
Smokers of course have black lips because of the nicotine. But non smokers too become a victim of darkened lips because of various reasons. 

Tanning because of unprotected exposure to the sun.
Non usage of sunscreen containing lip products.
Accumulation of dead cells

So how to get back that pink colour back?

1. Use a lip serum: After trying out many products, I have zeroed down to Namyaa natural lip serum.

Why do I like it?
It's completely natural. It is made of olive oil, peppermint oil, Aloe vera, camelia extracts, Vitamin E and many other natural plant based ingredients. It is completely organic and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

It has Advanced Brightening therapy. Hence it ensures we get back the brightness of our lips.

It repairs damaged lips.

It improves tone of darkened lips because of excessive smoking.

It moisturizes and smoothens cracked and chapped lips.

Brightens and evens out skin tone to natural pink.

It is priced at a reasonable rate of 240INR for a 30 gm tube and available on all major E Commerce sites.

2. Scrub your lips regularly with a natural ingredient like sugar. You can also use a mixture of honey and lemon. Lemon has bleaching properties.

3. Look out for SPF when buying lip products.

4. Drink lots of water and consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Remove lip colour at home and especially before going to sleep.

6. Last but not the least, try to quit smoking.

Do you like pink lips? What's your secret to achieving them?

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  1. My girlfriend is very sensitive about moisturising her lips. Will share this with her.

  2. Wow, I seriously did not have an idea that there was a Lip serum! it looks wonderful !

  3. I had never tried lip care products. I guess now is the time as my lips are very dry these days. I will surely give it a try. Thanks!

  4. I should share this link with Sadhna, my better half, who would love to know about this lip serum.

  5. Have used other brands of lip serum and now I m sure gonna try this one as I liked the review here.feel very dry lips sometimes and this must be a great option.

  6. Thankfully I don't have any issue with lips but I will share this with one of my friend who is worried for her dark lips.